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My 92X build thread


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August 1, 2012
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1998 explorer 4dr ohv
Hey everyone! Im not sure if this is in the right spot or not but im sure it will find its way if its not! :p Iv'e been on for a while creeping around for answers and thought it was about time to write up what I have to show for it!

Heres a little about it:

  • 1992 Ford Explorer xlt 4X4... ugh its red :D :exp:
  • 306,000 miles
  • original motor (except gaskets)
  • Al4d rebuilt 4K ago... already acting up
  • Mud terrains :)
  • I bought it for a grand 6 months ago, knew it had an oil leak, didnt know it had a blown head gasket...

What Iv'e done:

  • Replaced head gaskets and all the gasket up from that.
  • Basket rack
  • sony headunit
  • pioneer speakers
  • midland weather Cb and top loading antenna
  • Master cylinder
  • Bake booster
  • Calipers
  • Pads
  • Powersterring pump

What needs done (also what i want done):
  • Proper upper engine rebuild (just the upper half i think)
  • M5od swap (started getting parts)
  • Snorkel
  • 2" body lift
  • Tube bumpers (made by me)
  • 2nd gen rear axel swap (for the discs)
  • Fuel pump (just went)
  • RUST repair... and lots of it!
  • Hella Auxiliary lights!

So to start off with here are before pics, these were taken close to the day i picked it up.

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Sorry I had issues with the pics! They will be up sometime tomorrow! Also any suggestions and comments are always welcome!

before pics


Theres the before

So just an update, im now back at school so nothing will be getting done anytime soon. When I get back home the first thing will be the a4ld to m5od trans swap. Just gathering parts atm

For anyone that may have been following this, the 92 is very much dead. Trying again with a 98 explorer now!