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~My 92X of Doom~

Im a newer member, and figured i should post some pic's of the beast.

its a 92 explode'r. has 81K miles. it was my wife's parents when she grew up. then her dad sold it to her grandfather. and i bought it from him so she would have a decent winter beater since her car is in storage pretty much half the year.

the body is pretyy much prestine, not even any scratch's. but the lower trim panels are like cheese. but just those! fenders, hatch, everything else is like brand new. even the interior with not even a stain, or discolor. kinda wierd. but owell.




(hood is popped in the pic) fixing snapped spark plug.
if you can help in any way with that, id be more then greatful!

my big hope, is to find a mazda navajo in a local junker, and swap the grill, headlights, tails, and steering wheel to make this a 4 door navajo. im a big mazda fan, and since i have this as an option, i want to swap it. lol

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Welcome To The Forum! The truck looks beautiful. Hows those autolocking hubs working?

is that a 2nd gen rx behind your x?

welcome and nice x u got there keep up the good work

havent had any issues with the auto hub's yet. i assume there a common failure?

the car behind it in the pic is my daily driver probe lx. i also own two probe GT turbo's, a 88 colt gts turbo hatch, and a mazda 626gt touring with a JDM FE-DOHC. turbonetics turbo, lsd, fully built. lots of goodies.

I like the two-tone combo -- is that a dark dark blue at the bottom half?
I dont recall ever seeing a blue combo like that.

yes, the bottom is a dark blue. (my friends full explorer is the exact same color as the lower half) then the upper is very metallic blue.

i have seen another twin to mine locally, but its in alot worse shape. it is the original paint scheme. but part of the upper half has been repainted when a tree fell on the truck a few years back. (its nice knowing the past two owners, 1st one, being the original owner) lol