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My '93 XLT

Nothing fancy, used to be a truck on a local hunting ranch. A few minor odds and ends here and there that I've fixed but nothing significant. Has 144K on it. I'm liking it so far. I have some more cleanup to do (it has a dog smell) and some minor stuff like fixing the rear wiper motor. The right passenger door handle on the inside doesn't work, I took off the panel and looked at the mechanism but couldn't really figure out what was wrong. they don't make it easy to work on when it's in place.




If it's just the inside handle that doesn't work check the child safety lock. If that doesn't solve it chances are that the handle needs to be replaced as it's all plastic and they just wear out eventually.

nice x

I had the rear doors on mine that wouldnt open. It made the click noise but wouldnt budge, i took needle nosed plyers to the mechanism and chipped all of teh old dried dirt off of the springs, then sprayed inside the door with WD40, it opened hard from the inside so i opened and closed it a few times from inside, next day i repeated the WD40 and open/closing. did this 3 times and now my doors open just fine. Also check teh child safety lcoks, if they dont move when you push on them then do what i did.

Worth a try I guess, thanks. Since this was a ranch truck the inside of the door was absolutely filthy with dust, so it wouldn't be a surprise if it buggered it up.