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my 94 ex

The green machine

Hear is my 94 i picked it up for $400 i have rebuilt the tranny, put a set of warn lockouts on her, and i picked up a good set of bfg 32/11.50/152 for $150.




This is what she is replacing so she has a lot to live up to

i will keep yall posted on all the new additions to come

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Welcome to the forum

nice x and bronco

too bad that kid you sold the bronco to destroyed it.

also i can't wait till we tear into your ex and get the lift done.

I put my roof rack on last night and got ran off the road by a Buick today


i wish we were in a garage while putting that thing on your truck, bc it was freaking cold last night

i still think you should take off the wind deflector and put 4 - 100w 6" lights up there

Here is an update on the green machines progress.


A few updated pics of the truck with the new door and full size spare.



I have not been around for a while, but I did put some new wheels on the ex and some procomp shocks. My new toy here is getting all the attention I think the ex might be jealous


looks good man, hows it ride with the 32s and just the coils and shackles? not rubbing?

It rides ok, the 32's only seem to rub in reverse.

I was planning 31s on my sport after the 2" skyjacker but I'm leaning more towards 32s