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my 94 explorer project(pics)

well I added a cone air filter today, I got the adapter from o'reilly's the pre cut holes were a little off so I had to drill some




a bunch of updates since my last post fordexplorerguy and I replace my clutch fan with and electric fan from a ford taurus I cant remember the year of it, not many pics of the install it was hot and had lots to do we ran a switch on it


this is how its mounted


We also installed a after market temp gauge to keep a eye on the temp(ill post a better pic tonight)

I ran a second trans cooler as well because I dont not want to have to pull the trans again (aleast anytime soon lol)

we also replaced my glasspack with a thrush trubo, also my 2nd cat converter was clogged so we gutted we gutted it


more mods coming soon

Bruce'sexpo, I guess what im asking is I will run 4g wire to the starter? and run a 4g to the starter relay (block as i called it in pic) the 4g to alt?... and for the negative I have 3-12g wires coming battery terminal 2 run to a plug behind the battery im not going to change those right? just change the one that run to frame

Just skimming through your thread, nice truck by the way. Murder paint looks killer. Talking about running a new wire to the starter would be a good idea, our rigs are known for them to go out.. Just went through thing... I changed the alternator wire to go directly to the battery I did 0 Gauge... you do not have to go that big... 4ga starter, small wire that goes to starter from fender solenoid I changed it to 8ga.

Negatives you have to look at the bigger one stock is 4 gaish.. runs to frame then motor.. If i was you, Id replace it with a bigger one and add one more as well. either body, motor etc, just to guarantee a good ground. Sorry if this help was to late.

Heres some pics for reference.. You dont have to go extreme as I did.. but hey.. go big or go home.. Do it once right...

This is my positive set up

Neg Set Up