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My 94 Explorer XLT

Well I got bored and decided I should go ahead and post my Explorer in the Registry along with the only pictures I have of it. I will also use this thread to post updates and information on any and all upgrades and/or items replaced along with the cost of replacing them.

I got this explorer a few months back when my father traded for it. I ask him if he would trade it to me and of course he said yes. So the headache begins ;)

182k miles, Full power, sunroof and auto rearview mirror. Bone stock 4.0 OHV with bad main bearings and stock A4LD trans.

So far I have done the basic things. Oil change, new plugs and wires. Replaced the tires, rainX wiper blades. I did install new RA bushing on the passenger side, Moog from advance auto they were about $45. The passenger side was already pretty much gone so I only replaced that side so far anyways.

I switched that side's RA out with one from a local junk yard because it had bounced around and wore a two inch long gash.

I replaced both transmission cooler lines to my aux cooler a month or so ago, They were leaking. My front main seal has a small leak, I added a quart of lucas the day I changed out my vacuum modulator.

I also found a receipt from autozone where a past owner replaced the shocks in 1997. They now need replaced of course. I've also now broken two lower shock bolts on my passenger side RA. I'll be getting a kit from Napa tomorrow to fix it for the last time until the new JD RA's :)

New rotors, repacked the bearings, Used front pads from junk yard(nearly new and rusted but FREE), new rear shoes, new wheel cylinders.

Here are some pictures.








These pictures were all taken on the same day. It had started to rain and I decided to play a little bit before I took that picture ^^^ I pretty much buried the back tires and thought to myself. Oh crap my four wheel drive doesn't work, I may get stuck :scratch: but when I let off the brake my explorer just pulled it's self out of the muddy corn field. 3.73 L/S maybe? IDK


Rust damage is worse on this side. The drivers side is not nearly as bad.

Since those pictures were taken I've removed the mud flaps and running boards. The rust looks much worse now but should be fixed and at least primed soon.

I have plans to get the engine rebuilt next spring. I also plan on lifting it sometime next year.

Next month I should be replacing the leaking radiator, May order James Duff extended radius arms. I like the way they are made and the new mounts look a lot better then the sock ones.

I should be replacing the mass airflow unit and transfer case shift motor this week.


The engine compartment looks worse now with the radiator leak and I had a power steering leak today that I already fixed.

I still have to....

Replace the shocks, Radiator (All aluminum replacement next month) Fix the rust. Fix the passenger seat part where the seat belt piece slides when the seat moves up is sticking.

Now sitting at 184,x.. miles.

I will update this as I fix problems and cause new ones :p:

Rebuilt T/C shift motor, replaced broken shock bolt, cleaned the MAF and reset the computer. 10/15/2009

It rides a little better but the shocks still need replaced. T/C shift motor is broken again :(

Flushed the radiator 10/17/09

Cleaned my IAC valve and eliminated my rough idle. Maybe now I can get more then 10 MPG average in town :D 10/26/2009

I've also located a used engine to act as my replacement next year when I get my current stock one rebuilt. While having it rebuilt it will be bored 60 over with mostly new internals including a new crankshaft, injectors, fuel regulator, and 60mm BBK TB and some kind of new intake. I will then try to find a dyno that is near by to run it on and check the HP and foot LB's at the rear wheels to see if it has noticeable improvement over factory stock 4.0's.

The used engine will get my old TB, injectors, throttle cables, and fuel regulator while being in my ex while the other is rebuilt. It may take me months to get it completely rebuilt that is why I found another 4.0 with 112,x.. miles on it for $250 ;)

I also lost the inside shock bolt from my new kit I got from auto zone. I replaced that for now...... Topped of the trans because the main seal is leaking also :(

Thanks all for now.

Edited 06/21/2011

Upper ball joint Dana 35 9.83 each (purchased)
Lower Ball Joint Dana 35 9.83 each (Purchased)
Coil Springs $73.79
KYB front gas shocks $38.89 Any opinions on this brand?
KYB rear gas shocks $41.99
Radius arm bracket front passenger $52.78
Power steering pump W/O reservior $49.89 Plus core
Transfer case shift motor $75.79 (Won't get if I find a manual transfer case)
Front and rear bumpers $40.00 (maybe)
Used Radiator $50 (Will get)
Warrior 153 shackles $70 (Old ones are rusting)
Used Radius Arms from member, Price is unknown

Total =$532.45
Not counting rims and tires.

Purchased the new ball joints from Rockauto, 5% off plus shipping for a total of $45.68
The price had gone down since I created my parts/price lists above.

Detailed break down, sales ticket.
Part Number Part Type Price EA Quantity Total
1994 FORD EXPLORER 4.0L 245cid V6 MFI (X) OHV
AUTO EXTRA / CHASSIS RITE AXK8673 Ball Joint $ 9.07 2 $ 18.14
AUTO EXTRA / CHASSIS RITE AXK8676 Ball Joint $ 8.96 2 $ 17.92
Discount $ -1.80
Shipping Ground (FedEx or UPS) $ 11.42
Order Total $ 45.68

October 13th 2009


Not sure if that picture really shows how bad something is messed up or not. Inside of the tire is wearing, just guessing, ten times faster than the outside. Since they have just 21k miles on them, I am guessing they won't another 8k miles. It's just the front drivers side, passenger seems fine. :(



Pictures of the explorer sitting in her new garage. Sadly enough its already full of crap and I've only lived in the new house for less than two weeks now. Moved in on September 3, 2011.
Also removed the roof rack, even more sad is that the explorer was just an inch or so from the garage door when pulling in. With it all the way in and the door shut, I have like two feet in the front and maybe one and half feet behind the explorer.


Someone loosened the lugs on my back left rim, broke one wheel stud and messed the rim up. Currently in the market for another one. Would pay around $50 plus shipping if need be.

September 8th 2011

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I figured I should update this page.

I am currently unemployed and attending College full-time online through the University of Phoenix.

With local gas prices hitting $4.29 a gallon today, I have started to debate parking my explorer since I average 200 miles out of my 19.8 gallon tank. At $4.29 a gallon it takes $84.942 to fill my explorer up. Figures up to around 42 cents per mile. My ex has my son in daycare 20 miles one way, so just to pick him up three times a week costs me $25.48.

If things get any worse for me, health wise. I will be forced to park it since I am ignoring my health, so to speak, and trying to stay away from hospitals. I have nothing major wrong with me health wise but have been sick almost every single day this year. Have already shelled out over $400 to my dentist and have had one ER visit which thank god, only ended up costing me $267 since that hospital was recently purchased by St. Vincent Hospital out of Indianapolis.

I do still have my 1994 Sunbird which I am still unable to find a motor for and I got a 1999 cavalier last year which so far has cost me around $1,000 and it still does not run. If I cannot find the 2.2L engine for the Sunbird by August of this year it is heading off for junk unless I part it out.

Well, to bad this could not be a happy update. Either way the explorer still runs pretty strong and now has 202,x.. miles on it.

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Updating again. Gas prices are falling so she may never get parked. :D

Fixed my power window switch the other night along with the sagging drivers door. Just stuck a shim in it for the time being.

I created another parts list a few weeks ago and when searching for new rims and tires, I figured out I need to return to work sooner rather than later. The rims and tires came out around $1,300 shipped.

Upper ball joint Dana 35 9.83 each
Lower Ball Joint Dana 35 9.83 each
Coil Springs $73.79

KYB front gas shocks $38.89 Any opinions on this brand?
KYB rear gas shocks $41.99
Radius arm bracket front passenger $52.78
Power steering pump W/O reservior $49.89 Plus core
Transfer case shift motor $75.79 (Won't get if I find a manual transfer case)
Front and rear bumpers $40.00 (maybe)
Used Radiator $50 (Will get)
Warrior 153 shackles $70 (Old ones are rusting)

Total =$532.45
Not counting rims and tires.

Also may not get the stock bumpers from a local junk yard that shut down, owner retired. He said $20 each with brackets and bolts and of course I'll have to pull them. Not bad because he will stick it on his lift and let me use air tools instead of laying in the mud or fresh grass he is planting. I pulled three to many vehicles using my back bumper and bent the L brackets on it. I could have new thicker ones fabricated at the old steel fab place I use to work at. But then I started debating why should I do that if I could just get custom bumpers fabricated.

Now a full suspension lift may be another year away, so should I go ahead and replace the coil springs and shocks which both need replaced?

When I first got her I changed out the passenger side radius arm and rushed through it and stuck an old stock (1993ish) rusted coil on that side and then someone stole my shiny black coil and junked it, my guess anyways. The shocks need replaced anyways.

Also.... How or where should I go about getting new brackets for the gas tank skip plate?
One bracket broke after her trip to Kentucky, crappy roads in some places near Warsaw, so I was forced to remove that skid plate so it was not hanging down in the back. :(

Also need to mention, I plan on upgrading to a manual transfer case this year, may go ahead and get an extra for a doubler later down the road :cool:
I believe that is it for today. I have some research to do but am to tired tonight. Thanks in advance for answering my few, but not enough, questions.

I done some editing to the first post. Ball joints have been ordered, I am hoping to have them installed and alignment done by some time next week but...

I started a new job today and even though I got off early, I am suppose to be working six days a week, 10 hours a day. Well at least I should have money to spend on upgrades/updates now. Even if I have to wait until fall or winter to install everything. :p:

Yeah, the job did not work out. The foreman, my boss knew one of my ex-girlfriends and wanted to hook up with her. Therefore I lost my job but her friend with benefits that worked with me is still there. Very odd.

Currently looking for a new job but should graduate with my A.A. in Information Technology before Christmas. Great Christmas gift to myself since I am the first in my family to attend college.

The new pictures I just posted were taken with my Samsung Intensity I cell phone, sorry for the small sized images. Perhaps soon I will have the time to re-size them in photoshop.

Been having more bearing problems.

Parts have been ordered, all TimKen brand. So hopefully this is hammered out.

C-Clip Eliminator for D35
Going to do the C-Clip Eliminator come spring time, gear oil had been leaking from the drivers side so new seals need to be installed. Seal on the driver side is bad enough it doesn't hold much oil until its fixed.

More bearing issues, spindle....

Another day, another problem, and another dollar.

Having binding issues in the front end with some noise under 15MPH coming from around the front shaft out of the TC to the front end, could be caused by a bad hub but the TC makes some noise when the front shaft is twisted by hand.

Waiting for Uncle Sam, once he sends my tiny tax return, even smaller thanks to the baby momma.

I plan on changing my passenger side RA bracket.
Installing my ball joints.
Getting alignment.
Checking on my wheel bearings again, my issues may have been caused by the alignment. Not 100% sure.

Installing a new front windshield. If I can find one, Jones Auto in Orleans Indiana have started clearing their first gen explorer inventory. :(

Figuring out my front end issue. Still thinking it's the output bearings on the TC. I still cannot find a used manual TC but have found 20 electric shift ones like mine for $50 each. Thinking about buying two if I can. But I will just swap those out and will try to find a book that shows a n00b like myself how to rebuild one.

Heading to Bloomington now to check JB's westside auto parts. It's a you pull it place but they want $150 for a TC while Jones has already pulled them for $50. Going to see if they have hubs, front and rear ends. Jones wants $150 for front, and $150 for rear. :(

Will be working on my explorer throughout the year as I have started junking my other vehicles and will most likely trade one in on whatever ride she finds. I think the local place sold their 01 Mazda Tribute. Looking at an 05 explorer sport now, and an 05 G6. I would love it if she picked up an explorer but with gas prices these days and her ability to drive until she runs out of gas, I did advise against the explorer.

*Starts crying*

Picked up the used transfer case, $50, and it's in the garage. Going to move some money around and place an order for new rear shocks, loaded front calipers, and a passenger side RA bracket around the 5th.

After those parts arrive, I will install the new Ball joints I ordered a while back, then get the front end aligned for the first time since I've owned it.

Overall I'll spend around another $200 on my current replacement parts.
1) Clean hubs
2) Remove TC 210,000 miles
3) Replace RA bracket, may be easier with the TC out :)
4) Install replacement TC $50.00
5) Install new rear shocks *Estimate $50
6) install new ball joints
7) install new front caliper's *Estimate $100.00
8) Alignment $79.99
9) enjoy my explorer for another 210,000 miles, I missed the first 184k miles of enjoyment :(

Will update with pictures soon, but everyone has seen shiny transfer cases before.

Fuel system

Hello currency. i too have a 94 ford explorer same color. you can view my post here i just started.

But thats not what im here for... Im here because i read you said you get like 200 Miles per tank and i had the same issue. Not that low but i was like 250-270 or so. Well I started looking into the issue and it seemed alls I needed was a fuel system cleaning and fuel filter change. The truck starts better runs better im hitting 320 miles before my fuel light even remotely thinks about coming on! I believe that helped me and I Hope it helps you! I just took my truck down to the local Jiffy Lube and did the fuel system flush there and it was worth every penny! Yea before the flush I had to be on the gas more and keep the pedal closer to the floor when getting on the freeway and now i just cruise and she picks right up! I hope this helps and keep me updated if you decide to get it done i would love to hear the outcome!

Thanks for the reply, I<3myexplorer. I too love my explorer. But I will be looking into having my fuel system cleaned. It's been a while since my explorer has had a full tank, but it's come close several times. Right now I'd guess I could get another 30 miles out of the gas in the truck, but I'll be close to 180 miles on that near full tank.

Hey everyone, I've been busy recently.

Have pictures as well but none while I was working, didn't want to get my new camera dirty. But sadly I recently switched my computer into a Lancool PC-K62 case and therefore lack the billion in one card reader now. :(

But I have worked on my explorer, here is a list of what was replaced and/or installed.

New Caliper's.
Passenger side rotor (Couldn't get it turned at 8pm)
Brake line (Drivers side only, will change the passengers side soon)
Timkin Wheel bearings and races,
Timkin wheel bearing seals,

New shoe's,
E-Brake cable, (Passenger side one was broken, package only contained one cable)

That pretty much sums it up for now, I will be changing out the transfer case in the coming weeks, and after I get moved, hopefully attempting a rebuild on the old case. (Front output bearings are going out, pretty positive anyways)

I had messaged member, rhauf1, on youtube with questions and/or concerns regarding some brake and wheel bearing issues I've been having. He also advised against an SAS since this is my daily driver.

Transfer case swap,
Passenger side RA bracket,
Ball Joints (Purchased months ago, have not had the press but a friend is loaning he his kit)

Going to check with friends on a tranny rebuild, my first few gears are shifting a bit harder when cold. Once it warms up it shifts fine. Also should have everything done this year along with the planned engine rebuild for $800 by a family friend who builds race car engines and has ran his own engine shop for nearly 40 years.

Think that covers everything, not much left to do.

Yay! Hopefully after the above listed items are finished, I'll be ready to go wheeling :D

Edit: forgot to mention that the internals fell out of my drivers side auto hub. Warns are out of the question right now. But I will get new warn manual hubs if I start working full time this year, otherwise I'll settle for mile markers. Looking around $250 on mile markers with the conversion kit.

Explorer's still down right now over that speed sensor issue. I've been working seven days a week so I don't even have time to drop the drive shafts, transfer case and try to get the old sensor out or put the 70,000 mile transfer case in.

I may just end up paying someone to do it, since I have the money from overtime every weekend. Double time Sunday's :D

Working on getting the car fixed, I'm sure I've mentioned it above. But either way the next time the explorer gets worked on the following will be fixed.

1) Speed Sensor / Transfer case swap
2) Ball joints
3) Alignment
4) Radius Arm bracket....

Thinking that's it. My battery died since it's been parked so long so I'll be buying a new one. The old one came out of my brothers old Jeep Comanche so it's smaller than the explorer needs anyways.

Update, explorer is still parked from the above issue. I have purchased a metal fan from a 5.0 for it. Other than that it's still the same. Not taken the time to fix my baby, but I'll get it going before this winter. I promise.

Will keep this updated.

I am a proud owner of a 1994 Explorer. My only remote and keys are locked inside. I was told I can enter from the rear using a spare key?

Should be able to enter from the rear hatch with a spare key, but why not unlock the door even if the alarm will sound?

My explorer is sitting down with a bad fuel pump, Pulled the rims for my 1992 ranger for the time being and trying like crazy to purchase a 1996 explorer for some parts but I believe they went with a lesser offer, seem's odd though, take what you asked for and not a higher offer.

Will have the explorer running this year, have to run to my old buddies junk yard and grab some things he was holding for me. He sadly passed away of cancer a few weeks ago, after serving 20 years in the U.S. Army, then kindly sitting back at his junk yard for another thirty years. I was amazed to hear that he was born at a junk yard his father owned, and passed away at his very own junk yard. He lived a full life and was an amazing person.

So in the next few months the explorer will be running strong again. :)