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My '96 Expo

Originally a 4.0 SOHC, over reved it in a water hole that was up to the windows, (almost made it out) put the body onto a '96 5.0 AWD and made some 2.5'' lift blocks at the same time, 31'' muds for now, just installed the beefy 5.0 with the torque monster headers, got 25 miles on it now. Next is the 4406 swap, then the dana 44 swap with maybe 36's? Also looking to buy a winch and make a front bumper with a reciever, then mount the winch to a plate that I can slide in the front or back. I drove it bone stock for over a year before deciding to make it a toy, always loved these Expo's!


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We got a foot of snow here in Texas winter before last! Trans. temp in the center.


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My other stress reliever, which gets more use, being gasoline logical.


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nice x

Got my 4406 in the mail today!

I now have my driveshafts and transfer case to finally get real 4WD! Electric 4406 out of a 1997 F-150. I will be using the switch on my dash since my body used to be 4.0 4x4.


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Welcome To The Forum, nice Ex. Plans for it sound good too.

Haven't updated, so here's some catch up. Did a dana 30 swap from a Cherokee with leaf springs from another Explorer. The flex was awesome but very tippy feeling.


Then a while after that, upgraded to dana 44 and 36" Super Swampers, swapped in both front and rear axles from a '94 Dodge Ram and took it on its maiden Moab voyage! It did awesomely except for breaking the steering on Hamburger Hill.

And now to resolve the tippy issue, swapped the front leafs for some 3/4 ton leafs. Then purchased some 38.5" Swamper Boggers! Oh, and lowered the suspension a couple inches. Getting ready for the trip to Kentucky now, this is after it's test run with new bigger tires, only broke a Ujoint in the front axle.