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my 96 Sport

Mike Bolk
1996 Exporer Sport
Sayreville NJ

Hey guys so ive been in the market for an explorer for over a year now. A month ago I found a sweet deal on this 96 on craigs list. It’s a 96 sport 140k on the body 9k on the trans(rebuilt) and 25k on the motor (jasper).gladly paid $800 for it and got it home. When I got it a month ago it was completely stock . Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures the day I got it home and as you guys will find out, I cant leave anything alone. So ive had it a month and this is what it looks like now.


Thats my ranger behind the explorer





in the driveway is my grandmothers shelby

I have my shackles 4dr leaf pack and skyjacker shocks for the lift in the back of the truck. already installed Energy Suspension bushings in the 4dr leafs just waiting for some help to do the lift. maybe Saturday keeping my fingers crossed.

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Welcome! Sounds like a great deal to me. The black and red is a good combo. I am planning on doing the same thing. I have my 4 door leaf pack w/ aal just about ready to drop in. I just need to get new hardware. I also have 4 new ranchos ready to roll. From what I hear we should love the 4 door leaf pack swap.

I just noticed...How did you find a rust free explorer in this part of the country. Im extremely jealous! My rockers and doglegs were trashed.

Thanx snake bite

Sport97 not sure why its not rusty... but the enitire truck is rust free... every nut and bolt I have turned has been a breeze!

Joedirt haha well it would have been a regular gt except for my negotiation skills (which is way better than my spelling) I was able to get her that car for 1k over retail of the gt I got 14k off! And ofcourse its a 5spd!

nice sport u got there