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My 96 XL has a possible transfer case issue.


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July 14, 2010
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96 xl sport
hello everyone long time ford fan first time explorer owner i just bought a 96 xl 4.0 4r55e trany the problem im haveing is when you drive it 25-30 miles the trany slips you got put it in 2nd and some time when you start it and put it in reverse it grinds like its not catching but you can put it in 4 wheel and it goes in reverse. the reverse problem sounds like its comeing from transefer case at the tail end is thier a way to fix these without getting new trany and transfer case thanks everyone

Welcome To The Forum! I don't recommend putting you phone number up as anyone in the world can view the site and we all know how immature some people can be. Now are you saying reverse works when put in 4low?

thanks took # out yes it goes in R fine when i put it in 4x4