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My 97 4 door v8 AWD


March 19, 2006
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Payson, UTAH
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91 Explorer Sport
I decided to post my 97 Explorer v8 AWD. I have owned this Explorer since 2012. I have done a far bit of work to it over the time and it has taken many forms. The first thing I did was pick up a torsion key lift and add a leafs with lift shackles. I was able to fit 33x10.5/15 on stock rims. The next I took it to Wasteland Weekend in California. So we built a roof rack to mount a fake 50 cal machine gun on the top. Along with fake rusty paint. Put on a set of 31x10.5/15 on 15x10 steel rims.

Now I am on to the next chapter. I put a Rough Country 5.5 inch lift in the front and 5 inch lift Pro Comp Chevy 63/64 inch leaf springs in the rear keeping SUA. I also swapped to a 4406 transfer case and 4.56 gears. Rebuilt the rear LSD. The picture shows the stock Explorer leaf spring next to a stock Chevy spring. I will get some pictures of the new springs, as they are now installed.

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Go man! Looks like fun to me.

It is amazing how many changes a rig can go through when we get to "Play Trucks".

woahhh!!!!!! looks AMAZING!! reminds me of ZAPV... and brought back this memory


Win win!!

However a nice tan bronco hat like that deserves to be on the dash not neglected on the floor upside down…. Noooooo! That spot is for Jeep hats

I have started to modify a set of Ebay headers. I have the driver side done. These are for a 60's mustang. They appear to fit the GT40P head. These look just like a set of Sanderson headers. The smashed tube is still around 1/2-3/4 thick, but is full tube. Not cut up. When I was using the air hose to cool the tubes, the flow felt about the same as the rest.

The stock manifolds are so restrictive. I could barely fits a finger into the flange side. So anything is better than those POS things.

20220519_150112.jpg 20220519_173109.jpg 20220519_150124.jpg

I finished the driver side. This side I had to do some cutting and welding. I also had to cut the engine mount.

20220520_181940.jpg 20220520_182027.jpg 20220520_181951.jpg 20220520_181959.jpg 20220520_182123.jpg

I finished the driver side. This side I had to cut and weld on a couple of tubes. I also had to cut the engine mount to clear the collector. I welded on some stepped v-band flanges. Next is to wrap them.