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My 97 Exploder Pre-runneresk Project...

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Nice X. Did you make your front bummper.
I would like to talk with you. I live in Bellevue.

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Yeah send me a PM.

What's the deal with all the white dots?

i noticed your still running your torsion bars - can't you get rid of those now that you have coilovers?

They are marks for the mounting point fir the window covers. Yes I could but they are progressive so in threw them in to help with big bumps and for quick hieght and leveling corrections.

Props on your past, and present, projects :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: Your imagination, and fab skills, are tops.

Project Lego is sooooooo sweet...

wow I just read all this after I spent all day thinking about selling me prerunner ranger and buying a explorer for many reasons. Ive just gotta give you props this has been one of the best projects ive seen especially since it seems some what low budget.
out of so much curiousity since im thinking if I buy one on doing the same front long travel design since im sure it saves hundreds compared to a kit. I was going to buy a 91 to 95 since I beam kits are cheaper then A arms... BUT I have to ask, how much do you have in the front suspension minus the shocks?

Bought the A-arms for 170.00
Inner Tie Rods for 20.00
Outer Tie Rods for 35.00
Upper Control Arms for 200.00
Lift Spindles for 300.00
Camber Kit for 60.00
Bearings for 60.00

Metal was about 250.00 to make extensions

Time: About 30hrs from start to finish not including the flares.

Total w/o shocks: 1095.00 + a bit of shipping for the parts

Johann @ Girodisc

Nice write-up. Looks prettty extensive to me. Sweet. :thumbsup:

Just do it!

Excellent thread, subscribing, love it when the edges are pushed till the tires are hanging on mostly thin air. I can see everyone working together here to make this mod work ... that's a positive thing and you aren't afraid of taking your best shot at improving not only your ride but also expanding our understanding. Best in all you do.

Thanks a ton, im definetly going to sell my ranger...
Love your ride its an inspiration, seriously.
now if i can just find a stick shift 2wd v6 in the middle of california...

would anybody happen to know what years would have the same lower A arms as this one? im gonna guess 96-01?

Yeah 96-01 is what my arms where for.

I would KILL for a stick. I have been looking for what it would take to do a swap but I never have time to devote to the search.

Johann @ Girodisc

do they even make a stick shift explorer 96 to 01? ive been searching for 2 days and i cant find ish, even on copart, which is where i might pick one up. since my truck is worth alot more then a stock explorer im going to be picky on the one i want to mod...

Well done... please keep us informed on how it does offroad and on. I am subscribed.

A couple of questions and thoughts:

Are you able to run any form of 'normal' caster and camber?
Are you going to run a wheel spacer in the rear at all (such as 1.25 to 2 inches?) to bring out your rear wheel base at all?
Thoughts about a rear axle truss (although the 8.8 is clearly not your weak link)?
What are you going to do for front axle shafts? (Perhaps I missed this in one of the previous posts)
Worried about longevity and strength with the axles shafts and/or steering?
Thoughts about your Dana 35?
Thought about adding some form of link that goes between your lower control arm and the frame to help take some of the stress off of the lower mounts?


While I am a Noob in the Ford Explorer world and this forum, I am have been doing some hardcore wheeling for years with Jeeps. I ran a Ford Explorer 8.8 in my old Jeep TJ for years, geared, locked, on 35x12.5s. TnT Customs makes a nice weld on axle truss. I also ran Spidertrax 1.25 inch spacer to allow for the wider tires. Of course, the factory rear Dana 35 exploded on me with 33s (hence the 8.8 swap).

A simple link w/ heims on each end that would go between the lower arm and the frame may be a way to add more strength. It would not restrict articulation. Just one additional thought.

Keep up the good work.

Great creativity in all you did. Props to you Bud. I am impressed, do you have any pics after the frontend alignment and show how the camber straightened up. Also, would it be worth while to run a full width 8.8 or 9" rear to bring the rear outward to match the front? It would seem to me if you ran a full width rearend, it would be pretty close or if needed after the swap, a spacer for a little more width.


I am impressed with his mounts!
Congratulations on your dedication and creativity.

I want to build a rack that will extend up to near the windshield and this, in addition to support you on track on the roof, I have to fix it directly on the ceiling.

I believe in using the existing creases water handy. How do you set the support of the headlights on the roof?

Note: I forgive the flaws with the writing, because not mastered the English language.

Yeah I just got the truck aligned and I am able to adjust camber caster just like a stock explorer. I am running a slight toe in and 1.8 degs of neg camber on both wheels. Truck drives great.

Not sure what you're talking about adding a link on the lower control arm I need to see a pic of that.

The rear end I have have seems to work fine. I'd love to put a remote locker in it but for now its fine. I already have 2" spacers in the rear. I actually like the front being wider then rear because it makes it easier to turn sharp corners and its still really stable.

The rack is the next thing I need to get back on. Should only take me a 1/2 hour but I have been working on other projects and I have some time. Fog Lights work good but I need to adjust them.

I'll take some more pics tonight when I get home.

Johann @ Girodisc

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This is an awesome build and write up. Thanks Subscribed

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