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My 97 Expo Seating on 22's. (front drop question)


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April 1, 2006
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I have had 22inch wheels on my explorer for about 3 summers now. I recently needed to replace my ball-joints,, and I put a camber/caster kit in it so my front tires dont wear on the inside, because I dropped it by relieving stress from the torsion bars. But anyways to make a long story short, now that I replaced everything, I find my front end no longer in-line with my rear ride height drop of 2 inches. I am guessing because not the tires surface area is completely on the floot, and not angled in a tade resulting in negative camber. I want to make my front end equal again in height. What should I do if I already relieved some torsion bar stress. Would putting the torsion bar keys do the trick? thanks...

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Any help to my question would be helpful. Oh yea and here is a pic of my ride at a car show.


Come On Guys HELP!!? LOL

take the bolts all out if u havent yet, or do the torsion key flip... can go to much lower though, not with 22's

So purchasing the torsion keys would do the trick for me FordX302? THANKS MAN

yea u can go all the way down to 5 inch drop. but not with 22's but yea the keys will work great..... u can get 5 inches.... or 2 less if u want. there fully adjustable. here is the link to the key's

I wouldn't want to go much lower with those tires.

it's basically time for airbags or poor alignment

well my front wheelwell measure's 28 inches from cent lip to ground... and my camber is great.

thanks so much guys for your help... much appriciated. Yea Ill probably go like another inch drop on each side with the torsion keys thats it....

hey Mr B., what is the offset on your 22's?? I wanna get some 22's for my X and i like how yours fit on your X. Please send me an email to my yahoo mail:

Thanks in advance!!