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My 98 Mountaineer.

My name is Mike. I'm from Minnesota.

My truck is a 98 Mountaineer. V8 and.
Just over 300,000 miles.
Thing I've done.
New aluminum radiator, with electric fans.
BFG k/2's.
Bluetooth radio.
I swapped in leather seats out of a truck I parted out and squished.
Has dual exhaust with t factory cats.
New brakes with slotted rotors.
Added the auto lamp, 8" sub, and ecc, from a donor I used for my Ranger.

Sad that I have to take it off t road now. The right side of the body x member on the passenger side is rusted.
Floors are still solid. The only other rust is the rockers and rear wheel arches.
I bought it 5 years ago for around a thousand dollars. Ive put about 150k on it.

Only failures have been the starter, alternator, and finally the VC coupler in the t case.