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My 98 Sport

Here is what she looked like when I first saw a picture of her.

New  98 1.jpg

Here is what she looked like when I got her home.

New  98 4.jpg

Here she is right now. Waiting on a Front Diff and Different Tires. Hoping to get 32" tires on her. She has 4 door leaves in the rear and front TT.

New  98 11.jpg

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You gonna do any snow racing with it?

Nope. I will use her for gong out on the trails and rock climbing. I want to get 32's on her for now and then see about maybe going up more if needs be and get 33's at the most. Gonna see how she does with the 32's and if I will be able to do do the trails I love doing out here.

Wish I could Jon. BUT its a little far. :-) The guy that bought my 5.0 has a front diff for me and she will be complete the first week in August. Then on the 18th I am taking her out to see how she does.

Here she is Currently.
New  98 23.jpg

Have not been able to get her on the trails with the new tires but as soon as I do will give a report in my build thread.