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My A4LD transmission has severe slippage.


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July 28, 2009
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Santa Rosa, CA
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89 Ford Ranger 4x4
89 ranger 4x4 A4ld transmission took a crap on a crappy rebuild.replaced with a salvaged trans. drove it around the block onece. noticed it took 2500 rpm just to get the truck to move. got home toped off the fluids and wont go into drive reverse gear still works fine. torque converter?

i got pissed off and decided to take the transmission back out to get another one from the salvage yard. 90 day warranty. So i dont think a compression test can be done without the transmission installed.Correct.
the salvage yard told me me i could keep the first transmission i bought and they would get me another salvaged transmission. so i am going to end up with two busted transmissions and one that works, hopefully. i would like to rebuild the one i bought to replace the the salvaged one into the ground while rebuilding the one of two that i have.

Question-What should i do when i get the replacement tranny? I flushed the last one. reused the old torque converter because i wasnt sure if the 4.0L transmission t.c., and my origional 2.9L t.c.(replaced a year ago), would interchange.I also wasnt sure to reuse the origional t.c. just incase it was full of metal shavings like my pan was. Should i buy a new t.c. for the replacement i am about to recieve? Whats the smart thing to do at this point?,Having two trannys and one on the way.

Get a rebuilt torque converter, flush the front cooler (or install one), install an external filter, drop the pan of the new transmission to check for broken parts, and replace the filter in the pan.