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My A4LD worries me...


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May 30, 1999
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2015 FPIU
ever since I got the truck back about a year ago tranny's been leaking fluid... so I replaced filter, put the pan back on and... it still leaked. Well, cork gasket sucks. While putting the pan back on I broke one of the bolts so I redrilled, tapped and installed a bigger bolt. Now to replace gasket I had to pull tranny pan again - install rubber gasket and now I screwed-up two more threads... redrill and tap new threads and install new bolts... I understand that - why the heck I was able to loose three threads without even using a lot of preassure to tighten them bolts?

1. what's the tourque for the bolts?
2. how much of fluid should I put in the tranny? (manual says 3 quarts - I put three and it's not enough)
3. Mercon V OK???


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Use stainless steel inserts instead of larger bolts, and a torque wrench. Keep it at 8 Ft./Lbs. to be on the safe side. You could use Mercon V since DexronIII/Mercon is no longer available. Check the fluid level with the engine running, and on level ground with the vehicle at a normal running temperature.

8 lbs? good thing I didn't use my wrench (set to 30lbs)

What's the capacity though?

thanks... A4LD full capacity - 10 quarts... and the book says 3 quarts - where did they get this number? oh well, back to the store to get more Mobil 1 ATF.

thanks again

It's 10 quarts after a complete rebuild, not just a pan drop. Allow more for a deep pan, remote filter, and a heavy duty cooler.

well, I dropped pan and now even with almost 4 quarts in it still shows low... not even registering on the dipstick... where did it go?

I did a pan drop and ended up putting 5½ quarts of Mercon V back in. I don't think mine is the A4LD but it does seem to need more than 3 quarts of ATF after a pan dropping. Where does Haynes get 3 quarts from, I don't know...

I remember now... I did swap transfer cases... now there was a bit of fluid that came out as well at the time.

Well, no time to get to it today... perhaps tomorrow...

thanks for all the input.