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My Adventure With my Explorer


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January 30, 2009
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2000 XLT 4x4 4.0L SOHC
I was planning on upgrading to a Ford Expedition but after researching some and with the poor economy right now I just wasn't sure I wan't to risk anythign taking on a $300 a month car payment. So I have decieded when I get some spare money which is pretty often Im going to invest it in my Ford Explorer. I also know how this car runs which is pretty well and not buying a used car that runs like you don't know what. Anyway I'm going to use this thread to show my progress and read some comments. Without futher adue here are the before pictures.

I got gutsy one day and wanting to try painting the car my-self. It turns out I got a 30 foot job (looks good from 30 feet away) So I'm going to get it repaited with some kind of artwork on the side.


Here is what it looks like from the rear end now.

I was going to paint the door jams but the rest of the car didn't turn out too well and I figure Ill just have them do it at the shop where I get it painted.

Stock engine beside the cold air intake

Just the stock front passenger area. That is soon going to change.

Stock back passenger area. I may take on the project of moving the seats back a tad. Not sure how well that work with the seats belts. Lots of stuff planned for this area.

Getting ready for the 1st upgrade. New door speakers. What is Ford thinking with 25Watt Paper Cones?

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Have fun.

nice x u got there the rear that says explorer is that from an 06 or 07 explorer

It is a 2000 Ford Explorer. That emblem was from when I painted it. I like them better than the single letters.

I got 2 of these bad boys in today.

I put them in the front door pannels. I got the back on order but they are backordered. part 1 of mod 1 is complete. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to start the sub box,

awesome keep up g ood work

Thanks man its going to take lots of time maybe 1-2 years to complete this project. I was on my way to work this morning though and the 4x4 high and low lights kept flashing. I tried to turn it in to 4x4 mode and it wouldnt go. I hope this isn't a precursor of major repairs. I love this explorer. I sat in $45,000 Yukon, Subraran and Expeditions and didn't like em which is why Im throwing in all this work to an older car. Thanks for the comments.

Today I'm getting my tire fixed and oil changed. O yea!. LOL

If the 4x4 is flashing that means there is an electrical problem with your 4x4 like the signal is not going from one point to another. this happened to me, and i have to re adjust the wires going to the pcm. it's not necessarily a bad thing.... you just only have 2wd.

good luck with the truck.

you might just have a blown fuse too... check number 27...

Hey guys thanks for that info. I all ready too it to the shop so Ill just have to see what they say. It would make sense that there is an wiring problem some where cause none of the windows will roll down any more. I wonder if this has something to do with installing the speakers?

Aside from painting, what are you looking to do? Any long term goals? What are all these plans for the interior?

Well if you really want the list.

Finish off the speakers.
New sub box.
Install about 6 monitors.
Put in new carpet.
New seats.
All of the interior pannels are going to be redone.
New headliner.
Custom interor lighting.
24" Rims
New paint job.
XBOX 360.
New Amp (not sure what kind)
Flowmaster exhasut.
New Grille
New Nerf Bars.
New headlights
Some of those low profile lights not sure what they are called for the exteior. The are on hummers.
Scan guage system.
New gauge cluster.

Whatever else comes in mind as a I move along.

Wow, you're not messing around with the interior! I don't think I've ever seen an XBOX in an Ex yet, or any console for that matter lol. You should get a wireless adapter for a live account to play on WiFi networks.

When you say custom interior lighting, what do you have in mind? There is a great thread on here about replacing interior lighting with LED's.

Are you talking about the roof lights on a Hummer?

XBOX in an Ex? It was meant to be! Would it be an XBOX or an ExBOX? :D

Don't get me wrong here. Everything will get done it just may take some time.

Well, I finished of the 1st mod. completely today with the upgrade of the door speakers. Sound much better than the paper cone stocks that were in there. I had a $800 repair bill to get the e-break fixed, rear axle seal, oil change, and to fix an eletrical problem. So that is going to set me back some.

i wanna do more mods on my sport too

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Hey its been awhile since in update but I was saving some cash up after my vaction. Any way I'm all set to get some flow master put on this beast Saturday. I'll post of video of how it sounds over the weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to get it painted soon and then the real work will start after that.