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my baby is now crashed

so i just bought this one and she was perfect. but now she's been crashed. by the way never play chicken w/ an f-350. haha j/k. but anywho i gotta replace the hood grill and bumper. does anyone know how much those james duff prerunner bars run for?


hey sorry to hear the bad news but if you plan on fixing it i have a hood i need to get rid of. Its brand new and still in the box. if your interested email me

I feel for you

I was at the gas station here in town by me after enjoying the Harley Davidson Welcome home ralley and I was parked and went to get a soda and some gal came running into the gas station and said who owns that white truck outside, it has just been hit. I went running outside and the car took off and 2 people got the plate number and I called it in and they found the car with the doors wide open and no one in the vehicle. The two punky 17 year old girls bailed out before the cops got them. They impounded the car and the driver left her revoked license in the car. The cops went to her house and they were there. They got arrested on the spot plus a big fine. They said they ran because she had no license. Come to find out no insurance either so I have the TS Insurance on her part Tough **** insurance:mad: :fire: :eek: :frustrate :shoot: :hammer: :nono: :banghead: :thumbdwn:

no sh*t. well i got the hook up w/my friend for the hood grill headlight and the little strip of metal between the grill and bumper. just 180.00$. not painted:( . hey now that i'm on this. i know i won't buy the fenders in the near future but. anyone running them, how much were they more or less. and did they just bolt on w/no problems?