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My back speaker whine problems


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February 26, 2002
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RIP: '02 V8 Limited 4WD
Ok so I have the ground-loop whine in my rear speakers (with the pitch that goes up with the RPMs b/c of the altenator)

I want to try and fix this without installing a ground-loop isolator.
Yes the power wire and RCA cables are run down opposite sides.
Here is what i've tried:
I've switched the front and back RCA cables to make sure the whine didn't come from the RCA cables. (because it is only in the back speakers)
-- still whined so it wasn't in the RCA signal

I also just now switched grounding locations for the front and rear amp. The rear still whines, but the front does not.
-- so the grounding spot isn't bad I guess?

The front amplifier pulls more amps than the rear one(25 amp vs 40 amp), if that makes any difference as to why one whines and one doesn't.

I also have another amplifier for my subs pulling 60 amps grounded a couple feet away from both.

Would putting 0 ga wire from the negative battery terminal to the frame help? This is the only other thing I can really think of.... to help make the ground better.

Any ideas??

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I have an O guage ground strap from the Negative to the frame. However, I don't know if it would help your whine or not. But It does help keep good electronics.

You can see it as the far Left wire off the Negative side.


As Black Majic has said, better grounding may eliminate your problem. On my X, I ran all new grounds from the battery to frame and frame to engine.

Is your RCA run down the pass. side? If so you may be picking up interference from the power wire going to the ffactory amp.

RCAs are run down the passenger side, but I don't have a factory amp