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My Bama thread part too


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April 16, 2002
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*** This is all set of the pants review. Other than my a$$ there is NO scientific data in the review process. ***

Okay, I have had the chip for some time and have sent it back for a few reburns.
The reburns were due to my specific needs and set up, and not progrmaing errors on Dougs part.
I have a Pro-M MAS which Doug is no fan of. At no time did he blame the Pro-M not tell me to ditch it or deal with it. Bottom line he wanted me to be happy with my set up and he was going to do what it took to accomplish that.
That is outstanding customer support.
I sent my Pro-M MAS to Al for his dyno test, so Doug can nail down what the Pro-M was doing.
Not long after Al's day at the dyno, Doug sent me a new and " final " program.

I had half a tank of 87 when I pluged in the chip so I went straight to 87 performance. The past few tunes from Doug all ahd the same characteristic.
Tremendous mid range. Going 35 to 50 mph and punching it, it totally jumps to life. Merging is no issue.
When I had that old Apten program I was getting 260 miles to the tank.
None of the Bama programs gave me that ( usually 240 ) till this final reburn.
I am back to the 260ish. Nice.

After a full week of the 87 performance, I cant get over the agressive mid range. Top end feels very solid. It feels very driveable. Like a " race car "
when I want it to be and a comfortable daily drive when I want it to be.
A tank and a half into it and NO CEL.

Job well done.

Friday I filled up with 93. When I had the Apten programs I could barely notice the diferance between the 87 program and the 92 program.
Bama the diferance is quite noticable.
Every thing the same at the 87 but choppier and more agressive.
I'll post later this week if there is any MPG change or if I get a CEL.

I know a lot of people have been praising Doug and Bama Chips, I am not a bandwagon jumper, but it really is all true.
Doug worked very hard to meet my specific needs and make me a happy customer.

To be continued....


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January 6, 2005
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I am pleased with the SCT tuner Doug just re-programmed for me as well (bought used from BBQ_hotdogs). The 87 performance program feels great at midrange. I am not an expert, but I think the biggest benefit of it might be the shifting. Nice and firm (not harsh) when on the throttle, but smooth with just normal driving. It passes on these hills quite well now. :D

I am running the 93 program at the moment, but don't count on me getting decent mileage for a while. playing with it. :rolleyes:

EDIT: No CEL with anything so far. :thumbsup:


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July 28, 2004
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Great write-up. I hear ya re: Doug and his service. He's a class act and great guy to deal with.