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My before:) 2000 explorer beefcake

Just putting this together. Actually traded a totally stock 140k 89 ranger xlt 4x4 for this two days ago!! The 89' was pretty damn clean but...nothing like his 2000 . I dunno he really needed a truck for work and I was in the right Craigslist place at the Craigslist time. This truck has only 130k, tranny seems tight, motor runs flawless. no leaks, super clean motor and not just detailed,nice paint, super clean interior and to boot he made a killer console with PA,CB and police scanner, prewired a bunch of extra options with switches, cd player, cd changer, cb signal amplifier, alarm..and built a super sweet rack I will have to post better pics of later you guys will love how he did it. Also has an aftermarket hitch. Anyway I'm stoked and promised id post..



I was disappointed to read here how crappy the 4.0 is and the transmission. Anything I can do to make it better( shift kit in trans etc). My last ford was a 98 Ranger 4x4 with the 3.0 it was way underpowered the ranger guys all wanted the 4.0 but is it only because they couldnt economically put in the 5.0? I bought my 98 with 150k wrecked at an auction, fixed it, painted it,pimped it out, and put another 50k on it with no major problems. (besides tie rods, a control arm because i bought it that way and a fuel pump)

Well mine has 130k, trans is a bit weird..but so was my ranger. Not very sure footed feeling and feels like it's losing some of the engines power somewhere?. I just put on some rock crushers with a very neg offset and 31" 10.5's bfgoodriches (in the pic it has some m/ts i threw those away). Otherwise seems like it's ready for alot of abuse and fun but want to do some preventative maintenance. Already on replacing the balljoints, hubs, shocks and its of course missing a sway bar bolt..needs brakes soon.

I just picked up a light bar tonight for it, and am going to do some paintwork, a 4" bodylift, add fender flares..and roll it till something brakes.

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Dont get to down the 4.0 and engine. If you got the ohv v6 then you are pretty much good to go. Those are tried and true. If its the sohc then those are know for failing timing chains. Otherwise a great engine. Some guys have gone 200,000mi + with orginal engine. Tranny isnt the strongest but if you dont abuse it the tranny will treat well.

Agreed- sure they have some issues, but I think problems are magnified a little on a forum since most people only bring up issues on a forum... If they're taken care of aside from the inherent flaw on the timing chains, they're decent plants/drivetrains. I wouldn't let it get you down... Nice Ex you have!

Looks good.. I've never seen a pushbar/bullbar front bumper like that. My only conserns when looking at the pictures is the tires with the rim offset.. you'll were out wheelbearings faster with the tire being farther out like that and probably the balljoints will wear faster too... but looks good... mine started off bone stock and its pretty insane looking now.


thanks guys..About the offset yea its a bit more than I wanted but got a steal on the wheels..I like the stance, and it corners way better. I can deal with worn ball joints and bearings for looks:)

oh, thats a westin bar bolted to the frame through the bumper. Its not hard core enough to where if i hit anything it would bend the frame, but will save the front end from a deer.