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My before and after 02 explorer sport


2002 x sport 5spd manual, 22k mi
got the explorer at the salvage auction for


After about 5k in repairs. Total cost after repair was less than $8,000 not bad for a
02 with 22k miles on it.

This one came with keyless entry, lighted side view mirrors, cd/cassete, and roll type
cover for rear cargo area.

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Any damage to the chasis? Frame?

When are you going to lift it :)

had to replace the frame, all four tires, and
some front suspension parts. i did not do the work myself. i have a friend who ownes a body shop. got the tires, some body parts, and misc. parts from the salvage yard off a 02 with 10k miles. Frame and suspension parts are new from dealer.

thanks for the replies. the x realy runs great and have not had any real probllems
thus far.

Very nice job, looks great.

looks good... congrats on the purchase, i am pretty sure you couldnt get a 2002 with that low miles used for any cheaper than $8k...... probably would be worth twice that...

according to kelly blue book, it's retails for $16,440 give or take a little. so, yeah, i'd say you dun good for yourself on that one. nice work.;)

Still a salvage though. It does not bother me since i usualy keep my trucks at least 7

Looks good,
Although if it were me I would have but some custom parts on it,grill ,rims.
But that's what I like . You may like the stock look.
Anways it looks good.

Originally posted by statcbc
Still a salvage though.

I was just gonna say, its worth it if you run the wheels back off it, its worth it.

Great job! Consider yourself lucky, you got a 5 Speed :-P

Nicely done! :thumbsup:

Not to distract from your thread at all, but would you know where to get a straight sport frame and how much one usually costs?

I got my frame from the dealer new. It was $900.00 i did not want to mess around with a used frame from a salvage yard. The rims, tires, and some body parts i purchased used from salvage yard. Frame and suspension parts were new from the dealer. Some things are just better to buy new rather than regret it later.

Coolness.. thanks for that. I'm wondering if the continuing steering problems in my 98 might be due to a diamonded frame and I'm seriously thinking of replacing it with a new one. Ahh, yet another project :rolleyes:

Congrats on getting your Explorer back in great shape!

Where did you get the vehicle for $2800? That seems really cheap. Also a frame for taht rig costs around $1700-2000 dollars. Getting a brand new frame for $900 is really a steal, congrats...

I sure would like to know what dealer you get your parts from. I need a few parts for my X too at those prices.

I purchased it at the COPART Salvage auction here in Van Nuys California. The company is nationwide and there should be one near you. My friend owns a autobody shop and has dealer acounts set up with local ford dealerships. I guess
that is how he gets a better price than if you or i called ford for a new frame they would surely charge us double.

One tip, if you do go to an auction to by a truck do it on a rainy day. Trust me, this auction is outside and we had only one other person bidding against us on the explorer.

salvage auctions are a pretty good deal especialy if you know someone who can do the work, my parents explorer and my cousins explorer were roll overs and my other cousins blazer is also froma salvage auction

very nice job,i just purchased one and can not find keyless entry code,can you help.

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Very nice work.