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My bumper build


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January 24, 2007
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Coos Bay, OR
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1991 XLT
Got started on my bumper today! :D Just got the cross member drilled (3 tapped, 2 clear through) and the entire winch mount center section fabbed up and mounted. Basically I'll just start building off of this while mounted on the Explorer, tacking it all together, then pull it and final weld it. What's built is all 1/4" mild steel, the rest will be 1/8". I've got material for clevis mounts that I'll weld to the crossmember. I'll be throwing some 1.5" tubing on here as well with light mounts.












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Nice and simple. And those are some pretty welds!

Do you have a design of the bumper we can see? :)

I've been thinking about picking up that winch to mount where the spare tire hoist is now. Hurry and get this done so you can try it out and let me know how it is. :D

You'll just have to wait and see!:p: It shouldn't be too long till it's all done, hopefully less than a week.

Yeah, I'm hoping the winch works good. It was hard to pass up for only $269!

After looking at the pics more, I think I'm going to add more gussets from the winch base plate to the angle mount. Would hate to rip my bumper off the first time I have to winch out of something.

Here's the progress from the last couple of days. Really sucks doing the entire thing at my house (no plasma cutter), but it's turning out really good so far, just a pain hand cutting everything!

Mocked up out of cardboard:




Top Plates:


How it sits now:




Next I'll grind the entire outside smooth, then bolt it back up and see how I wanna finish it off. I'll try to hide the cross member as much as possible. Then it's some extra bracing in the winch area, clevis mounts, fairlead mount and tube.

Thanks! Yeah, that's what I wanted. I don't like the big bulbous bumpers. The only problem is the crossmember is pretty visible below it.....i'll figure it out today how I'm gonna hide it.

One MILLION Dollars!:rolleyes: It doesn't bolt to a stock explorer as I have the custom crossmember. Plus you wouldn't want to pay for the hours of grinding on this puppy!!:p:

I love the SOA f/r. Flexes great and I used really long spring perches. Have never had a problem with axle wrap. Though I don't think I have the torque to create axle wrap anyways!

And here's today's progress. Most of the day was spent grinding everything smooth. Went through a few flap wheels! Pretty much can't see most of the added plate, it was wall underneath, but gotta say it looks pretty good bolted up. I'm happy so far!








Now I gotta decide what I want to do for tube, thought I'd hear some opinions from you guys on what you think would look better.

Something like this:

Or this:

I like the 4runner better, minus the gussets.

I really like the hood on that thing too! Clean!

I like the early Bronco, but with simple modifications...make the center hoop a little higher up and then take the side tubes and angle those up to the hoop so there more on an angle.

where did you get those fender flares

They're just Pacer universal flares. Got them on Ebay. Yeah, I'm leaning towards the 4Runner. Most other opinions like that better too.

The plate that the winch is bolted to needs reinforcement in the middle - on a hard pull when the vehicle is trying to climb up (a rock face for example), that plate will probably bow down a little bit - it did on mine after a few hard pulls. Remember that the force vector of the winch depends on the angle of the winch line - which is almost always never inline with the chassis.

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you gonna put any plate in the front for a fairlead? something to tie the sides together if not for function for looks?

off topic... Do you know Brian Stout? Used to live in Coos Bay, Had a red ford ranger...