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My CB Tips


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June 18, 2009
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1998 Merc Mountaineer
Here is a response to a question that was posed to me:

chaz974x4 said:
can you tell me about cb radio's. I am wanting to put one in my x. Im looking at the cobra 40 ch. on ebay. I can get one around $50-80. The question i have is how i can reach out further to people instead of just a few miles. Like i said i dont know much about them so if you could give me some pointers i would very much appreciate it. . . .thx man
A good Antenna. Wilson is best.

A good ground at the antenna mount.

A solid power supply and a good wire to power. I choose directly to battery.

A short as possible run of RG-58U from the radio to the antenna as you can get.
213 or 9913 wire is the best in my book. It might be over kill, but I use LMR400 on my hf/cb mobile installations.

Make sure the antenna is matched, someone in your area does CB's and can help you with that, maybe even a Ham Radio operator.

4w is the legal FCC power for CB. 12w SSB.
Now, you can use gain antennas, and anything to affect your ERP or Effective Radiated Power, but not the power coming out of the radio BEFORE it goes to the antenna. This is the power out Plus the gain in Dbm. I do not recomend using Linears or power amps, to much trouble mobile, and sometimes dangerous.

A good match, antenna, and solid power are your best bets. Try and mount the antenna high, as well as in a central location. The more center the antenna is to the center of the vehicle, the better the antenna will perform. The antenna is an omni directional antenna, so it radiates in 360 degrees, and if you block the radiation, with the truck, only the unblocked directions will get signal. Follow these steps, and you will have a great setup.

I hope that this answers some questions that are asked here on the forum.


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