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my diy 4.0 ohv turbo build

I flipped the driver side manifold so i can run a pipe under the bellhousing to Y with the outlet of the drivers side manifold there is where the turbo will be placed. Plan is low boost no more than 5 psi on a draw thru design with the recurculating bypass.

i had built a temp down pipe to get the truck around during the build

runs good no leak from the manifold and today i pulled a garret T3 out of the wrecking yard for a few bucks

I have some digital photos for better quality ill download those when i get a chance

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I built a flange for the turbo last night it still needs a little porting that ill do tonight on break. I did some moving on resivoirs and deleted the ac compressor for more room. Then started mocking up where the turbo will sit.

Let me just break out my microscope here and check out what you're up to :D

i know i know ive been taking digital pics too but i lost my download cable so ill have to get a new one tomorrow:p: and heres one more mini pic of the flange im working on


i have part of the hotside done and the turbo in position along with the comprssor outlet to the throttle tacked up

heres fitting a round pipe into a square hole...



Very interesting, am subscribing to see more.

got the cold side outlet done heres a few pics and the exhaust is done except for connecting the passenger side manifold under the motor to the flange.
and a pic of the down pipe and the muffler is already in place minus the turndown outlets. once i get the exhaust complete ill have the oil lines to do, maf to turbo pipe and filter, vaccum lines, injectors pump and tuning.



looking good so far...

No intercooler then...... Build a simple water injection system...... Wouldn't cost much. I saw a nice description somewhere, I'll make sure to find it for you. You will be surprised on how simple it is.....


Yeah i know there simple. ill probally consider it. well heres some digitals





heres some of the latest Im beat up for the day...
under and up was going to be difficult so i went around...






this one gives u an idea of how the turbo to maf pipoe will lead...

oh and tomoorw i will be moving the radiator towrads the fan an a inch or so to the p side for more clearance along with making shields for a few items

on work a little today but i have the maf to turbo tube how it will be routed

and i made a ps resivoir cover out of pipe and foil to shield against the heat of the hot side

tommorw i will finsih welding up all the plumbing

i welded up the hotsiee today. it unbolts nicely from the truck in seconds


update: turbo spools at 2-3 K range. easily pushes 5-6 psi runs good untuned, got me to work and back over 50 miles sounds awesome. bov isnt hook3ed up yet when i lift it surges and flutters turns heads. Ill have a video soon...

and heres my turbo i mean reminder haha


that baby turbo should make some great low end torque!

Congrats and enjoy.

Sounds good.

im enjoying it i still have some work to do. the bov is venting to atmoshpere (at idle the bov is closed) unitl i build a reculculating bypass and it stumbles after a blowoff if im not on the throttle quick enough but its doing pretty good for not even being tuned. Soon a bigger pump will be ordered and a dyno tune. I may just stick with the 19#ers they should be suffficient if not i have 30#ers laying around. oh and the torque feels so much better. 5 psi is available in most gears from a cruise at 2k. i have pushed it past 5 a few times one of those times it did ping at around7-8 before i lifted now im watching the gauge like a hawk and not letting it pass 5psi. Tommorrow its getting new plugs and some adjustments. I still need an O2 extension to plug in the O2 sensor(im running open loop right now)

made some adjustments and now the bov is hooked up and venting to atmoshpere also the wastegate is poping open like its supose to at 5psi. 5psi is available at under 2K and holds


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I drove mine down the road today and I almost had a heart attack with the BOV went off. I thought I blew coupler or something and I wasn't even half throttle.

Sounds good and props to you.