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My ex going through changes


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January 17, 2010
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greenville ,sc
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2005 xlt
this is my ex from stock until now. I have a rb 2.5 and 2 inch lift. also have my wheels and tire to be mounted in a week. They are 265/70/17 mtr treadwrights and 17x9 moto metal 951 in black. I will posts those pics next week so stay intune

MY f-150 has 35s and a 2 inch spacer lift. THis is the ex with the 2.5/2 on it.

thanks for looking and rims and tire pics coming soon ;)

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this will look sick when the rims are on... ill be checking back on this...

Do me a favour...

post a solid review of those treadwright MT's... I am very interested in seeing their performance and how they hold up over time. The truck looks great by the way!!

truck looks good.

You need some 98-03 f150 tow hooks out front. It just looks too plain now and them tow hooks I think complete the front end.

Can you post pix of your wheels not mounted?

nice x u got there

Looks great, nice lift, makes the stock tires look like they belong on a bicycle. Was the grey plastics painted professionally? And is that an Oakley logo covering the Ford logo?

Truck will look even better with new rims/tires etc.

very nice work keep it going you will get hook then you will realy start spending cash lol
when i started i was just going with coil spacers then rims tires body lift now i just ordered cutom bumper and 12,500 lbs winch then what the *%&$ skid plates rock sliders new control arms I cant stop oh ya aussie locker modified in back diff now looking for front locker to modifie lmao my wife is going to kill me soon then again the deal was no Harley yes to new truck and mods lol.


this is my locker before install

and yes I go off-road that is about 16 inches of mud lol.


thanks guys ill have pics early next week. yes the grey plastics were painted by a friend as well as the tail lights im trying to get rid of. I have my 265s on the way but just found out that someone on here i think stockcarrer had 285s with a 2.5 lift and no rubbing! i hope 265s wont look small

Hey man, your the first person i have seen on here from SC. I live in Simpsonville. But nice X. Cant wait to see it murdered. Do you know what youre friend used when painting the plastics?

yea he got the paint code off my door and painted the plastics with ford paint.

is there a web site i can order that lift from

ok well here we go with the tires and wheels. Also a bull bar from thepotroast! By the way a cool guy with a nice explorer for sell.

Very nice man I wish we all lived closer. It would be sick to get a pics with all the jacked up 3rd gens

Ebony & Ivory goes together like perfect harmony.... P.McCartney and Wingman M.J.

Seriuosly guys, those are some beautiful Ex's you have there!!!

lol thanks macknos94 and lol yea the white and black lol

Nice Trucks Boys!!! Repping EX's well!

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Holy crap thats SWEET! There is no body lift? Just spacers? If so, I think I may need to order some. Did you need to do anything (like wheel spacers) to get the rims to work? Those look great on there.