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My Explorer 2.0 :)


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August 12, 2007
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Dominican Republic
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05 F150
This is my 02 Explorer with some upgrades i have done, the grill is what i was looking for, i dont like the grill that everybody have, i like this cause it looks more OEM is a little expensive but it worth the price.

06-08 mirrors, one of the best upgrades you can make to your eX cause it makes it looks better and improve visibility.

And the rims 18" are from a Ford Edge limited, i want to put some 20" but cause of my work i was gonna be a PITA.

The next upgrades that are coming really soon are, paint all the gray plastic to match color, i want to put some chrome door handles, but i'm not totally into this, put black mate vinyl on the pillars, and change all the explorer badgeds for 06-08 badgeds.

Hope you like it.




I'll put better pics later when sun goes down.

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looks good keep up good work

Once the grey plastics are painted it will make a HUGE difference. So far so good!

very clean and original. sick look cant wait to see it painted