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My explorer how she sits now. A picture thread.

I think you need some 98-03 F150 tow hooks up front. That would look good and be usefull.

long story short it drove like **** on the street. and thats what it was made to do.

Dont get me wrong. bombing whoops at 80 with 7 people in it was fun. But its got stock suspension on it again. the whole kit was bolt on. I simply unbolted it and put it back to stock. a local guy bought the kit and now has it sitting in his garage.

Light bar was custom, suspension was custom.

I made both.

Now shes just cruising on 32.5"s sitting low and rides beuaitfully on the street.

SImply put, dont LT your daily drivers...

I have a race truck to go fast in the dirt.

Now it just goes anywhere i want it too. Jeeps always look at me crazy when im doing trails they barely do. But oh well. Live and learn.

that was a 2400$ mistake with like 300 hours into the suspension or more..