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My Explorer

I drive a 1993 Ford Explorer XLT, 4x4, of course.
Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada
Email address is:

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Went out Explorering today :) Went up a few logging roads.

Good looking rig. Hoping to set up our '93 similarly. Are you still running 235/75R15 tires? Any suspension lift, or is it the stock suspension?
What kind (and size) of LED head and tail lights did you use?

Inspired in California. :)

Thanks :)
I have added an add a leaf to the rear spring pack as well as Monroe air shocks, so how much the back is up depends on what mood I am in. ;)
Tires are still stock, I am of course debating going bigger.
Headlights are 9004 LED Eagle diamond vision, and tail lights are the brightest ones with good reviews on Amazon for the stock socket, I'll try to remember to look them up later.

Replacing all the bushings, ball joints, u-joints, and steering arms. 😬 It should ride better after this!

Got it all back together! rides great, did a self alignment, and it seems good for now.

I also did a 1 3/4" lift using f150 spacers, and got 31" tires.

Now to start the next project, my rear hitch hangs way too low, I'd like to build a rear. bumper out of channel like the front, and have the hitch passing through it, trying to find a way to do this...
Anyone have any ideas?

So... Went to build the new bumper, got all the old stuff off.

But I discovered a new issue... I'm 700 kms from home, and my shackle looks like this...

Ah well... I guess I'll have to get lift shackles until I get around to finding the f-150 springs.

Explorer now, 31x10.50r15 tires, f-150 spacers in the front. Add a leaf, shackles, and Monroe air shocks in the back. looking at getting new tires, either 31x10.5, 32x11.5, or 33x10.5, trying to figure out what tire size would be best for trimming/drivabilty.

New 31x10.50r15 tires coming soon!

Also wedding coming soon, so I'm a little distracted.. oh well. 😉

Currently figuring out how I want to do a dual battery set up, haven't quite figured it all out yet, but getting close.

Also need to get my spare tire mount fixed, or build a rack for the back....

Then maybe put a fuel cell in the stock spare tire location?