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My Explorers Little Sister (Escape)


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December 31, 1999
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2019 Ford Ranger Lariat
Just picked this up formy wife. She thought it was big, until she parked it next to my Explorer.

Both are 2005s. The Expo is Medium Wedgewood Blue. The Escape is Norsea Blue. Almost a perfect match.

Escape is V6 AWD and is getting a moonroof as soon as the dealer gets one in to install.

Explorer is V6 4x4. I might get a sunroof in it as its a pretty darn cool option.

Both have the tow packages.


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WOW that is alot of $$$$ between those two vehicles in your driveway...
but I love the escape i want to get one for my wife..pretty soon.
you can get a say 2003 around here for maybe $9000 with high miles. which is ok cause i bought my 2002 with 88000 on it.

We were Xplan customers AND these are the 7th and 8th vehicles we have purchased from the same dealer. So with X plan, cash back, and the dealer makeing us somegood deals, the new vehicles are cheaper than the used ones around here.

We could have purchased a used 2004 with 28,000 miles, but after the rebates and stuff it would have cost us $1000 more. Plus Ford credit loves us (we have had 6 loans through them) so we usually get a pretty good rate. Not the zero % rates, but still low enough to keep it affordable.

that is goo but any loan is not a good loan lol..

Xplan rules! Glad ya got a good deal on her.

an Xplan example: we bought a 2004 F250 6.0 PS. $42k sticker, Xplan and other rebates-- $31k

rock on! :D


Let us know how you like the Escape, especially in comparison to the Explorer.

Did you also test drive the 4 cyl Escape or the Escape manual?