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My Exploring Explorer


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April 8, 2010
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prince george, bc
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94 exploder
well im new here and figure i will show some mods i have done to my ex and some future plans i have in the works

my exploder is a 1994 4door 4.0v6 of course and has the 5speed stick. most of the other drive train is stock

it was in good shape when i got it and its my daily driver and im happy with it for the most part and have only had few small issues with it.

here is a pic

now in the time i have had it i have done some small mods

did a electric fan and magniflow muffler, also built my own cold air while still using the stock intake tube

then put in some autometer gauges and made a mount for my satellite radio


and a little bass adder that was built to still fit under the rear cagro roll up cover

also did a billit grill and made a light bar for the front

then did a small 1inch lift using a f150 coil seat, not the one everone on here uses, and a add a leaf in the back


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now the plan from day one for the exploder was to build it into a prerunner

this is really what i wanted to build it up like

but with it being my daily driver and my truck taking up most of my time and money it never happend. my truck kinda got away from me and is at the point were its almost a trailer queen. so the plan for the exporer now is to build it into a mild wheeler that i can load the camping gear in and go exploring in the back country around here for the weekend

so the plan is

build it to clear 33-35 inch tires

i hava 8.8 with disc brakes out of my 1995 explorer that will get swapped in

not sure what im going to do with the front right now, 1 is keep the ttb and find a 4inch lift or so and just run it like that 2 is swap in a jeep d30 because i can get one for free and build my own suspension set up for it

motor has a bottom end knock right now but seems to run fine, but once i get my town rig going i will so a real cheap once over of the motor over winter

build some light weight bumpers for it and do a front winch as well

also would like to make a roof mount rack too

now this build will be low buget and will be slow for the next bit till the tow rig is on the road and i can be driving it. once that happens the exporer will go in the shop for some tlc

the main goal for this is to make it a realiable weekend wheeler that will make it out and back while loaded down with camping gear. so any input or recomondations would be great

and to give you guys an idea of my building skills i will show some pics of my truck and you will be able to see why i want a mild wheeler






Some 31's on those rims would look nice. Nevertheless a very good looking truck though. Looks like there isn't really body rust?

ya that was they only reason i can live with it being purple is becasue there is zero rust. it was nice to find that because i live in the rust belt know as Canada :D

Definitely looks like a nice ride. :salute: It will be cool to see how it ends up after you mod it like you want.

well have been feeling lazy lately but finally got my ass in gear today and did some work on the ex

when i got the ex it had the old lady running boards on it and that is not really my style so pulled them off and put my stock molding off my 95 on this ex


i like how they look but they are bad for rust and my ex is rust free and i want to keep it that way. so pulled the molding off and cleaned it up a bit then laid down some tin tape as i really did not feel like welding it up and doing body work. then put some rock gaurd over it and even did the front section like the stock molding.






i like how they look but they are bad for rust and my ex is rust free and i want to keep it that way.

If your ex doesn't have any rust after 16 years then the molding won't magically create rust. The molding catches water and salt from more harsh weather states and traps it causing the rust. If you don't live in a state that salts roads then you'll be fine.

If you however moved it to a state that does salt roads then there is nothing you can do to keep it from rusting. The metal tape you put on is thinner and not painted as well as the stock rockers on the car and will rust really quickly and only accelerate the rocker rust rather then prevent it. The best you can do to actually prevent rust is not use the trim in winter and wash it constantly.

yes i know all about rust, as i used to work for the local hwy maintenance place here in town. we used liquid calcium and that stuff is real hard on rigs up here. i have seen rigs that are 3 years old and have started to rust out. my 1995 ex was rusted out under the rear doors and spent most of its life down south away from the snow. i wanted to do this mod because i think it looks better now and will make it easyer to clean and keep an eye on the rust.

Well it's basically going to accelerate the rust and cover up the part you want to be watching is what I'm saying lol

huge update............................. ok not really

have been super busy working on my truck and a few other peoples projects as well.

was at the car wash a few weeks back and lost a fog light so dug out some other lights i had in the shed. to make them fit i built a new light bar to replace the old one




just waiting on my yellow H4 bulbs to show up this week then i will be able to try them out