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My First Explorer, 2000 EB

As per the instructions above here's the info:
2000 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition 5.0
I'm from Parsons KS and you can contact me easily through a PM here.

Well, they aren't good pics. They were provided by the seller using a cell phone. But this is my 2000 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition. I am going to "visit" it today at the sellers house and pull the radiator. My next day off I get to install a new one (would do them both today, but had to order the radiator). Jon (Turdle) has already provided me with the link to the radiator replacement thread. (Thanks again Jon)

Mods will be slow due to funding and the need to finish putting an engine in my other vehicle (seen below). Probably just go with exhaust and slightly more aggresive tires when funds allow. Any suggestions for basic upgrades? LOL I'm a seasoned Veteran with Thunderbirds, but a newbie with Explorers.








My other vehicle can be seen here:


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Decided on basic black for now. Covered the holes with hurricane tape and sprayed bedliner on it. My only concern is if the hurricane tape doesnt stick as its promised to. If it doesn't... I'll find another solution.

The gal at NAPA said she could tint Bedliner to match any color I wanted. Good to know should I get the bumpers I want.



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Now I like that

Pulled the Tcase skidplate today. It did it's job on that sunflower mine trail I mentioned earlier. Big gouge in the paint and bent pretty good as well. I took a pic after pulling it and before repairing it but my phone has been screwing up lately and not showing pics.
Anyway... I pulled it and straightened it with a BFH. Then ground the bad welds, cleaned it up and rewelded the bad welds then welded more of the perimeter to make it stronger. I then painted it with herculiner. Its drying now and will be mounted tomorrow.

I'm planning on tackling the back way to Crown King this Saturday, so I need all the protection I can get.

Did the Back Way to Crown King Saturday. Great group of folks. The OTR club of Phoenix. Mixed group, there were Jeeps (of course) Toyota 4runners, an Isuzu trooper, a Montero, even an Expedition!
The trail is as easy or as difficult as you want it to be with bypasses around all the challenges but the last two. Those were large rocks I had a hard time climbing, so needed a tug to get up the first one. Second I got up with only a spotter. The weather was great, it had rained the two previous day's, killing the dust, but it wasn't so muddy you needed waders. All in all a great day except... My phone didn't like any of the pics or vids I took and said it couldn't display the format used. When I updated the phones software it deleted the photos and sorry.
But I'd love to get an Explorer group on the trail!

It would be awesome to come there to do some trails with ya. Some day will have to plan that.

I was thinking that exact thing while on the trail last week!
It would be awesome to have a bunch of you come out for a weekend (or a long weekend). We've got a spare bedroom and a camper set up and always ready to go in the backyard.

Went to the pick a part today. Was looking for a grill guard for the Explorer. Found the grill guard but it had a dent in one of the bars indicating it had been hit so possible bend. Also it was mounted under the bumper not through it as mine is. It was mounted securely to the frame and bumper brackets but still lost clearance.
But I did find a set of brake light grills, a receiver that gives better clearance, another hitch I hope to cut down and mount in front, and just cause... I got a weather tech cargo area mat. All for 65 bucks
Also picked up a load equalizing hitch on facebook for 90 bucks.

A pic someone from our group posted.


Got em installed




If you get around to the body lift, you can cut and turn that hitch to raise the cross bar and get the clearance back. I did it for Pugly. If you do, take it to a shop that can use a bigger 220 welder, I wouldn't trust a 110 for that job.

Looks great now tho!

Careful with those tail guards, they can do more damage than good, if snagged on anything.

Yea, I've heard that about those tail light guards. But I like the way they look. If Turdle and I ever get a powdercoat color that matches the Eddie Bauer trim I'll send them off to him.
For the front hitch I figured I could do the measuring and cutting, then tack the pieces where they needed to be. Then take it to a welders shop for finishing.

$$ !! :eek:

For that price, the RCI skid would be better, as it is made for your rig. Besides, there has to be something about it that is different from the IFS ranger that we share fronts with. :dunno:

Yea... I was leaning that direction myself. But I'm always on the lookout for other stuff.

Unimportant side note... I need to scrape that "Uhaul" logo off the hitch. If they wont let me tow their trailers, I'm not gonna advertise for them!

Newest "upgrade". Well... Ok its not an upgrade. But I've always liked these LED lights that go all the way aceoss the bumper and I finally found a set that was cheap enough to this old miser to buy.
Wired them into the trailer plug, and the backup lights... Easy. They include tail lights, brake lights, turn signals and backup lights. I did blow a fuse and break a bulb in the process.
I now have a new rule, any time I go to a pick a part I yank several fuses and put em in my pocket. I never seem to have any when I need them!


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