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My First Explorer, 2000 EB

As per the instructions above here's the info:
2000 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition 5.0
I'm from Parsons KS and you can contact me easily through a PM here.

Well, they aren't good pics. They were provided by the seller using a cell phone. But this is my 2000 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition. I am going to "visit" it today at the sellers house and pull the radiator. My next day off I get to install a new one (would do them both today, but had to order the radiator). Jon (Turdle) has already provided me with the link to the radiator replacement thread. (Thanks again Jon)

Mods will be slow due to funding and the need to finish putting an engine in my other vehicle (seen below). Probably just go with exhaust and slightly more aggresive tires when funds allow. Any suggestions for basic upgrades? LOL I'm a seasoned Veteran with Thunderbirds, but a newbie with Explorers.








My other vehicle can be seen here:


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Got the spare mounted up top (just til i get a bumper and tire mount). Discovered there was room to mount the jack as well.

Took all the pictures for those who may ask "how did you do it?". The cross bars I made myself, very simple. The tire and Jack are mounted to those. I'm planning a third cross bar due to the jacks length. And the trio will probably grow to a rack with time.






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That is awesome. I like how you did that. Now I know what I am gonna do to get a basket on my Ex.

Looks like you've been busy. I like the roof bar mounts, they should take the beating of riding on the mighty Eddie Bauer's back.

Hopefully this post will turn my notifications back on.

Nice, now you have some freed up space in the cargo area.

You can get a rubber handle keeper that holds the handle in place and makes it rattle free, for a couple of bucks. I couldn't imagine not having one. I even put one on the Hi-lift I sold for the guy, so he would be rattle free too. lol

Glad to see your taking on more custom mods. Are you getting more comfortable with the welder, now you have had it for a while? Whats next?

Getting a little more comfortable with it. I really need to check out some YouTube vids to see where I need to improve and how. Though the welds on those bars is probably my best work yet. LoL I'm still a better grinder than a welder.
Next project is to weld some tabs onto the rear axle for the factory traction bars I lost when installed the axle from a 6 cyl., possibly tabs to mount shocks on the travel trailer.
I'm staying away from projects that could cause serious damage if they fail (for now). For example the welds on the roof bars, should they break, will be an annoyance nothing more. The bolts that hold them to the roof would continue to hold. If I were to do the welding for a set of coilover springs, and they failed.... Eeewwww

I'll definitely look up the straps for the jack. For now the little bungie cords work. I had it mounted reverse, so the handle faced in against the bolts holding the bars on. This kept the handle in place with no rattles. But that also put the load bearing part of the jack facing out, right over the Back door where a person could, possibly, hit their head on it. So I turned it around and used the bungle cords.

PS The spare tire cover arrived last night, it fits well and looks much cleaner up there now. Like i planned it that way and didn't just throw it up there. LoL

The handle keeper is a thick rubber block that slides on/off. Just slide it up to use the jack, and down when done. It's made by Hi-lift.

hi lift handle block.jpg

I also use a soft neoprene cover to keep elements off the mechanism. Keeps the grease clean and keeps it there. When stored horizontally, it doesn't fill up with water, and keeps it dry in there.

hi lift cover.jpg

Keep the main bar painted with a slick gloss paint, and it works better. Rusty bars make them a pita to use sometimes. High temp BBQ grill spray paint works great for them, since we tend to mount them outside, and touches up easily.

For the welding, practice making overlapping cursive small letter "e" or overlapping "C" down a straight line, keep it sizzling like bacon, use 2 hands, with one hand supporting the other and that same hand for moving your other down that line, as you "Write" your letters. You will learn how fast to go, and how to adjust your line speed, and volts by keeping that bacon cooking sound at a constant. If the sizzle stops, adjust accordingly.

Already had plans to paint the jack, just for aesthetic reasons, and corrosion protection. Now I know what type paint to use. I'll look into that "boot" as well.

Got the new recovery hooks installed. The old ones were chrome, and only had two mounting holes. This caused me to have one bolt in the mounting bracket and one in tbe grill guard. This way both bolts are in the mounting bracket. I feel safer.




Oh yea.. Painted the jack and got a spare tire cover.
New handle holders(?) And a neoprene cover are on the way.



Spent the past 2 months rebuilding the front suspension. New steering rack, tie rod ends, upper and lower control arms (and all parts that entails). I put new cam bolts on, and new eccentrics, but now I'm waiting on new eccentrics for the factory bolts. I believe this will allow greater range of adjustment. So within a week or so this project will finally be done. Then on to the next one!

Still not done, had to replace a water pump... Got that done. In the middle of fixing a leaky exhaust manifold... I think I found where it was leaking from.


On the bright side...
So the poor ol' Explorer can be retired and have fun off road, the daily driver and towing duties have been handed off to the new (to us) 07 Eddie Bauer Expedition.

Pics of the new Expedition.
We've named the Expedition Big Ed and renamed the Explorer Little Ed.









LoL between the 265/70/18s and the bigger all around size, its a higher climb to get in the Expedition than to get in the lifted Explorer! Really hard to imagine how much bigger the Expy is.

Hehe... Yea, you'd think gravel would be an easy yard to care for. But the weeds are a real pain! The pics out in the open are at the state park near Overgaard AZ.

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Got some pics of the Expedition pulling the camper. Looks like I need to get a slightly lower hitch!