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My First Explorer, 2000 EB

As per the instructions above here's the info:
2000 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition 5.0
I'm from Parsons KS and you can contact me easily through a PM here.

Well, they aren't good pics. They were provided by the seller using a cell phone. But this is my 2000 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition. I am going to "visit" it today at the sellers house and pull the radiator. My next day off I get to install a new one (would do them both today, but had to order the radiator). Jon (Turdle) has already provided me with the link to the radiator replacement thread. (Thanks again Jon)

Mods will be slow due to funding and the need to finish putting an engine in my other vehicle (seen below). Probably just go with exhaust and slightly more aggresive tires when funds allow. Any suggestions for basic upgrades? LOL I'm a seasoned Veteran with Thunderbirds, but a newbie with Explorers.








My other vehicle can be seen here:


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Bigger tires ( greater footprint) are going to have that effect.

I just went thru this. I replaced every component, except the steering shafts. I wore the ball socket out on the intermediate shaft last rip out, and still need a replacement.

A weak pump can also contribute. One of those contributions can be from overheated fluids broken down, another would be the pump fins have worn, reducing flow, or a combo of both.

Blocked lines due to internal delamination of the old lines, can send bits of rubber to small ports and cause weak flow. I found this to be true inside the cooler tubes.

TRE's being too tight at the knuckle can cause a slow return to center, or non existent return. Use Factory Trq specs.

Then the big one.... The Rack itself. Internal damages can't be seen. Hard to diag this unit. Most give when the rams get worn, and leak fluids past the seals, drain out, and gears break. Bad fluids can be a cause, rubber bits from lines, and also lack of dust boots allow silt to ride the shafts into the unit as they abrade the seals, and shafts.

Then there is the not so obvious things, like the steering shafts binding. Main wheel shaft, and intermediate. Bolts under the dash can vibrate loose, and cause bind. Bearings can be worn.

Let me tell you, this was not a fun one for me, to figure out, and was extremely costly. Hope it's something simple for you!

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Bigger tires could be it, while not huge they are larger than stock. A weak pump... I hadn't though of but I'll look into it. The rack is a year old and hasn't given me any trouble, no leaks, or weak spots. The truck returns to center ok, tracks ok, just slow to respond to steering inputs. I'll look into the pump, and have the alignment checked. The last shop that did it got as close as they could given the torsion twist. I asked them to make the camber a priority, perhaps I should have it redone and get the toe-in closer to spec.

Run the engine with the steering pump cap off. Look inside it with a flash light, and watch the fluid flow.

Should be a strong stream at idle. It's just like checking the coolant flow in the radiator.

Bad toe, will wear a tire faster than slightly off camber will. I don't see either being a reason, for sluggish steering response tho.

Thought I'd post pics of what Eddie looks like now. I still have to work out a plan to mount my lights on it. (Probably mount a steel bar above the hawser, in front of the winch to put my 7" LEDs on)






Looks great, realize the color scheme is not the same, but reminiscent of Gerald’s “Herc” from years gone by…. Well done.


It'd look even better Powdercoated... but wow... the shipping! LoL

Figured out a way to mount my LED driving lights. (Though they lean toward the "spot" category). I'm thinking maybe move the round fender lights to the front to accompany the 7" lights and add some "flood", then put smaller 3" pods on the fenders.





Hmmmm..... Too Much?
First pic is just high beams. The larger lights are very bright spots, the smaller lights are floods to fill in the gaps.
Second is the same with the fender mounted Pods
Third is low beams with bright Amber Fog lights.
The regular headlights are Xenon.




Nah, all good when they are all individually switched. I rarely ever have them all on at the same time. Just depends on the situation, for which are used at the time. Options are nice to have. I like a light up high, to light up my surroundings better (like a street light does), and the lower mounted lights to give both flood or spot, straight ahead view.
Going to LED headlights was a game changer tho.

So, ya think those big lights might be spots? LoL


Took Lil' Eddie out last Saturday to Sedona. First time on the trail since early this year. Wow... Can really feel the difference with the locker! And having the clearance with the new bumper is great too. I'll post pics ASAP.

The Sedona trip. No pics of the Explorer in action as I didnt have a photographer with me.




















And the rest of the pics...
Pink Jeeps were all over the place













Wish I'd have gotten pics of the Devils Staircase. Remember that steep downhill we went on down near Mexico?.... Its a gentle ramp compared to the Devils Staircase! LoL It was steep enough that the melted ice in my cooler spilled out... without tipping the cooler.

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Im hoping so. I'll ask on the facebook group, and check the newsletter when it comes out