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My First Explorer, 2000 EB

As per the instructions above here's the info:
2000 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition 5.0
I'm from Parsons KS and you can contact me easily through a PM here.

Well, they aren't good pics. They were provided by the seller using a cell phone. But this is my 2000 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition. I am going to "visit" it today at the sellers house and pull the radiator. My next day off I get to install a new one (would do them both today, but had to order the radiator). Jon (Turdle) has already provided me with the link to the radiator replacement thread. (Thanks again Jon)

Mods will be slow due to funding and the need to finish putting an engine in my other vehicle (seen below). Probably just go with exhaust and slightly more aggresive tires when funds allow. Any suggestions for basic upgrades? LOL I'm a seasoned Veteran with Thunderbirds, but a newbie with Explorers.








My other vehicle can be seen here:


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I got your PM but thought I would answer here.
That is the vacuum for the evap purge solenoids , it should go down to a valve under the battery

If it leaks it may cause a lean condition, as it will allow unmetered air into the combustion.

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Ok, thanks. I'll get on that when I get home.

If it is cracking you might be able to wrap it with some duct tape. There will be a pretty decent amount of constant vacuum there. From that connection to the first solenoid will be constant vacuum.

...and its not even my birthday! Brand new Toyo 265/75/16 Open Country M/T. $500 for the set.



I'll get them mounted Monday. And send pics. They're about 1" bigger than my current tires so I hope they clear.

Well better late than never. Found out today that the Explorer rollover scare haunts us in areas other than UHaul. Discount tire won't mount oversize tires on a 2nd gen Explorer.

Anyway I found a local shop that would mount them so here they are.

I may have to trim the trim. The chrome plastic on the front bumper and the inner front corner of the running boards.



I shoulda posted earlier, but I spent a couple days putting in new parking brake shoes and rotors.... cursed a lot...

That said, I just returned from the Salvage yard with a rear axle assembly in the back of the Explorer. Nothing wrong with the one I have except it is marked "3L73" and the one resting on sawhorses in my backyard is marked "4L10". :) Advertised cost was 250. Cost me 325 by the time I paid the "Core charge" of 50 bucks and of course Uncle Sam had to get his cut. The axle is off of a V6 so no Torque bar mounts. I'll have to find a set of brackets and weld them in. But it has about 80,000 fewer miles on it than the one thats in the truck now so it should be an upgrade in more than one way.

The front diff is on its way from a seller on Ebay. Low Mileage (80,000?) front 4.10 assembly for 100 bucks free shipping.

Anxious to get it all installed. Not so anxious to do the work. Probably have to do it in the backyard as the carport is pretty small. Good for short simple jobs, not so much for big week long jobs. Also occurred to me as I drove home happily that I had just busted my butt putting new brakes in the rear end that I am now going to be removing... grrrr... I get to do it all over again now. But at least the rear end will be OUT of the truck when I do all the necessary prep work.

If anyone in the Phoenix/Mesa area has some free time coming up in April let me know when... I'd love to have a helping hand with this job. I'm getting kinda old to be bench pressing rear axles... lol

That sounds like a great find sir. Mine has been running great and I am loving it. Just need to get her lifted and get some new tires for her.

Been inspecting the axle. The parking brakes look great, very little wear and they move freely, not frozen or rusted. Even the brake pads and rotors look serviceable, though I will keep the new ones I just put on the truck anyway. Now I get to crack open the center and inspect it. But can't find my brake cleaner!

Got it done, well the inspection anyway. When I was draining the fluid it looked clean as new. The inside looked great, no cracks. Its ready to install. And the front axle arrives today so sometime this week I'll have it installed.

Finally got the pics transferred from my phone:

The front diff arrived today. It was packed like it was made of Crystal. Never seen so much bubble wrap. It is also the cleanest used part from under a vehicle i've ever seen. It is from an 05 Ranger so it is a lot newer than the one I have in there now. No complaints here. Under 1000,000 miles.

The rear diff looks good, and has low miles. But if you look at the invoice tag they (salvage yard) put on it it says "3.27 ratio". The tag Ford put on it says 4L10. I'm going with Fords opinion on the matter. The salvage yards computer concerning the donor truck also said 4.10.
So very soon (Possibly tomorrow) the installation begins. I'll start with the front, I'm a little more familiar with it and its lighter. And if i need to do them at different times i can remove the front driveshaft.









Very nice find. I know what I will be looking for in the near future. With so Many Jeeps here in Colorado I will be able to sell my Old 8.8 pretty quickly. :-)

LoL Thats exactly what I was thinking

Got the front diff in today. tomorrow the rear axle goes in.

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