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Sean, your confusing me here...first you respond to me, by saying no there not clears and further down the thread you tell someone else they are clears!? Which you purchased from

So which is it? The flash or are they clear tail? :D


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As I said, they ARE clear tail lights. However, Digger was asking what kind of "white" lights I had in them because in the picture, the flash reflects off of them very badly and makes it seem as if the clears are really bright. They're clear and there are Red LEDs and Amber bulbs in them. No white. Oh yea, I just addded a bunch of pics (7-8)....Check em my sig

More to be added tonight (dang 56k!)....

Sean, is that website still open? I seem to be having a problem getting in there!

Ive been dying to find someplace that sells clear tails for my year...:)


I'm guessing they went out of business....I can't get to em either....

I'm sure someone out there makes clears for our model year...What about Explorer Express?

Nope, 98 and above!:(