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My first time with a 3rd Gen.-How to check/change trans fluid/filter???


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August 21, 2008
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Louisville, Kentucky - Let me no f u r nearby
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'99 Explorer 2wd Edd.B
It's my first experience with 3rd gen.

Father n law has '02 Merc Mountaineer. AWD. 6cyl.

He states last week, over a few days while driving, she's lost power to the wheels.
I just drove the Mounty around the block. There is a sound like an exhaust leak from under center of truck like directly under center console.-in case the tranny could make a noise. Otherwise, with Reverse, first, and second gears, it feels that it drops into gear instead of gliding from gear to gear

You don't, but if you search how to drain and fill, you'll find plenty of info.

If the transmission is dropping into gear instead of gliding into gear, what suspicion would you all have that he wants to go to Aamco or some tranny place. - it's a 6cyl Mountaineer AWD

its a 5r55S most likely. Solenoid packs go bad.... and servo bores get worn out. Odds are it will need an approx 3k rebuild.

My personal preference is i tend to avoid national chains for repairs. I try to find a smallish town transmission shop which has been in business for 30 years and work with someone i know owns the business. It doesn't always work but i have had more success judging individual business people than a corp controlled chain.