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My frame swapped, v8, SASd Sport, conversion.

This Explorer is almost done. This was a bunch of my favorite parts and setups all combined into 1 Frankenstein truck. I really like 1st gen Sport frames cause easier to SAS IMO, no issue with steering box fabbing/engine cross member. I love the 4door 2nd Gen V8 powerplant, but I would rather drive a 5spd. For now, this truck is almost done, but rear needs lowered to match the front.

-1997 Explorer Sport Body- Sunroof, keyless entry
-92 Explorer Sport Frame
-77 F150 D44 Narrowed and has Chevy Knuckles with Flat top Hi Steer, 4.88
-8.8 Disk Brake rear, 4.88, Detroit Locker, Diff cover
-98 Explorer 5.0
-Torque Monster headers -orginally Ranger Swap headers
-5spd from 97 F150 4.2 V6 4x4 truck
-4406 Manual T-case
-91 E150 Rear mounted gas tank-pends install this weekend.
-James Duff longarms
-James Duff Track bar mount
-James Duff coil bucket towers
-James Duff 5.5 coils
-Rear explorer 4in lift springs axle under, might be to much. *Depends on rear tire, full tank, sub box weight and amount they settle*
-Xcal 3 Tuner- Custom Henson performance tune- deleting tranny inputs
-1in Body lift

Has been long winter building this vehicle.

Todo list: Some wiring
Shifter boots
Wire up ARB compressor for onboard air
add to front bumper
Rear spare tire carrier bumper
Rock sliders
Transfercase skids

Wish list:
Atlas 4
Install Dana 60 and Sterling 10.25
Hydro assist
beadlocks with 37-40 bias tires
No additional lift, just trimming.


Rear lowered, looks alot better IMO

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Saved for pics and updates

92 Sport started stock

Wheeled it for along time like this, but had other plans for parts.

Brought home the sport all stock- orginal owner

Pile of parts for SAS

Checking out the front end

Working on the engine swap

Getting close

Getting closer

Very close

Future install

Saved for updates

Saving few spots :)

Sorry just another spot.. :)

Oh Boy first Person To See After Posted , looks SWEET !! , Looking Good B2guy !!

Yea Looks good, but the 1st long haul attempt last night didnt go so well, but not huge ordeal, because my 4406 took a dump, 2nd one now that has went bad on me. Uggh... ATlas 4 I think so, just dont have time yet to get 1 for the SMORR meet.

nice x

Thanks. :)

Last night changed out my 4406 to another one I picked up from local salvage yard, something happened to chain in the old one.

Drove her home 60 miles last night, doesnt have sway bars, but actually drives pretty good, feels good at 70 didnt go fast than that.LOL

Also, I plan to show some details on my tank swap to hopefully make it easier for the next person. I took ideas from another member can't rem the name but still had to work on it.

vERY vERY Cool!!!!!!! Nice Work!!!!

Drove the explorer all weekend, did alot of road tripping and some offroading. I love it! Got all guages working, corrected tach for v8 signal, have 4wd hi and low lights, reverse lights off tranny, swapped in 01 Sport trac gauge cluster looks pretty sweet!

Congrats on getting it finished :thumbsup:

Looking forward to seeing it in a couple days. It looks big in the pics, and I'm sure it will seem even bigger in person.

Good deal on getting all the gauges and reverse lights working. When you DD, you really care about those little things. :)

Oh, I think JD has a new part to use for the SAS modified EX/Ranger to use for your stock front sway bar with disco's.

Awesome job on getting'er done.

Damn that looks good! Well done!

Thanks guys, its been alot of work, but well worth it..

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