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my front end noise ----- HELP


February 22, 2009
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Worcester, Ma
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98 mountaineer 02 explore
I have a 98 mountaineer 4x4 that started giving me greif last week. I'll start from the begining to try to give all the info i can.

1 month ago my right front bearing were shot and completely fell apart and tore the cv boot with it. So stuck in a walmart parking lot an hour from home I changed the cv joint and wheel bearing.

My front tires had a wear going on the insides of the tires. So I went to the junk yard 2 weeks ago and got a set of front tires. Balanced and mounted there.

Now here gones the problem Im at now. Last week I started getting a "tunk" noise coming from the front that increases with speed. At first I thought that it was the left side wheel bearing because the sound was very simular to the noise i was getting with the other wheel bearing. Plus when i turn left the noise would go away. if i turned right the noise was still there. I bought the wheel bearing and chaned it, noise still there. So i thought the only thing left was the cv joint. went and replaced that too today. Noise still there. So I jacked up the front and rear, put stands under all 4 tires and started the truck up. in drive the rear tires spun at an equal speed. the front drivers side seemed to be spinning faster, but the right side didnt realy spin at all, very little and it seemed to be jumping. feeling the drivers side it seemed to be jerky to.

I had changed my transfer case last summer and changed the universal joints then too.

im starting to wonder if its the differential up front.

any ideas would be gratly appreciated, cause i feel that its got a new front end but is junk.