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my full width to EB width (almost)


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January 7, 2006
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Middleville, MI (Gun Lake)
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93 Explorer Sport
oh do i have some plans

okay this what i have in mind..........i got a f250 D44 leaf sprung axle (SAS)

the f250 width is 34.75 and 18.60
an EB is 27.94 and 18.31

i am going to leave the drivers side alone, but take the pass side shorten it to the 27.94 to match an EB and use an aftermarket EB shaft for that side

then take D44 f150 knuckles and stick those on the ends of the tubes to get the 5x5.5 bolt pattern

i'll then get 5x5.5 adapters for the rear 8.8 to match the frt

i plan on making coil buckets and radius arm mounts for the frt axle to retain my coils and not be leaf sprung