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My Headers!!!


Rah no Hans Bwix
November 21, 2002
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1994 XLT 4x4
The headers are now installed! My neighbor did it for $150 up front, took him approx 15 hours off and on because of some stripped bolts. These headers are great and really make the engine sound big! I also installed my Apten chip and am VERY happy with the gains. I have one question about the headers, when I give it gas there's a ticking sound and as I press harder the ticking gets quicker, is that the sound of the exhaust going through the header?

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I have that same problem bro but i am not quiet sure if i have a leak or the sounds are just pining in the headers. I checked for leaks and did not find any thing. I think it might be because the walls of the headers are thinner then the stock manifolds now you can hear a pinging in the pipes. Just my 2 cents

Delfino G Mendez

The ticking could be a leak, but all headers will make more noise than a stock CI manifold. The ticking is the exhaust gases hitting the tubes. Header tubes are much thinner than the cast iron manifolds they replace. The tubes transmit the exhaust noise much better than the stock manifolds.

Make sure you go back and retorque the slip connection bolts and the cat flange bolts after a few heating cooling cycles9few hundred miles) . And a long as you used the stage 8 bolts for the flange they shouldnt be a problem.

Good Luck

Yeah I was thinking that also. I used stage 8's and I didn't find any leaks, neither did my neighbor. What's pinging sound like / where does it come from when gas is involved? Like running too high octane without a chip?

No it's more like a ticking nosie. I can't really tell where it's coming from but sound like driver side when driving. But that could just be because i am on the drivers side. BUt i only here it when on the gas just alittle.

Delfino Gabriel Mendez

Yeah it sounds like it's coming from the header on the driver side. I haven't had a passenger yet but if it comes from that side also, then I guess it's the headers. I'm pretty sure it's not 'pinging' because of my chip but just want to make sure headers are supposed to have a tick.

Yeah i am sure you will be ok. I had mine on know for bout 5 month and my engine has been running great just beside that nosie but you will get use to it. I kind of have that same thing with my street bike they come stock with headers but i got a full race system and the pipeing is bigger but thinner some you can here the pinging more same with are explorer's. If any one ever say what's that noise just be o that's my header :D .

Delfino Gabriel Mendez