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My hood is stuck


December 13, 2000
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Ok i was changing the oil today and i went to shut my hood it got stuck from half way being shut to halfway being open i can move it up or down it is just stuck there half way closed.... it is sicurly stuck i can not budge it no matter what i do..... i have tried everything of my knowledge i have pulled the hood latch tried to opemn it agian nothing works anyone ever had this problem please help!!

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Have someone pull the hood latch while you push the hood down. Then, while they are still pulling the latch, try and open it normally. If it doesn't work, take it to a Ford dealer and see if a mechanic knows the problem!

I never heard of this problem before.

hood supports?

It sounds like one of the hood supports has seized up. Try this: Have someone hold the hood up for you. Unbolt the hood supports. The hood should be able to go down now. Set one end of a support on the ground and try to push it in. If one doesn't move then that is the problem. Go to your local NAPA (my dad works there :-)) and order new ones. Go ahead and get both while you're at it.

LOL, I did this just yesterday on mine when filling the washing fluid tank. Push down on the hood while you pull the latch to open it. It will open. Stupid me, I closed the hood with the top to the fluid tank still hanging out. :)

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halfway latched or halfway open?

You guys are answering like it is only half latched. I thought he meant it was half open. (sticking up in the air a couple of feet)
Which one is it Mendoza1113?

Half latched my man... but i took it to a ford dealer adn they fixed it for free it seems that i must have pushed the prongs dwon when i was leaning over to change my oil. So the top one only latched he just oiled it up and poped it out for free with some crowbar type thing.. Seemed to work and no damage. Thx for all the help to the peps who posted