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August 19, 2009
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portland oregon
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Hey my name is joe im from oregon and im new to the "light wheelin" thing but here is my new rig.. all ive done is new tires and i stayed small for now. look foward to chattin with ya:salute:





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Welcome! Nice parking lol.

Welcome Joe! I just moved down to Minden, NV after having lived in Portland for a while. I miss Portland, it was a great city besides some of the eco-nuts (yeah, one of them left a nice gouge on my rockers...:rolleyes:)
Nice looking X and buddy! :salute:

lol oh there is 4 spots in the drive way two for me and two for my nabor....I dont like to waste space :salute:

Welcome! Nice Explorer, and cute doggy! :thumbsup:

Oh and his name is zues by the way, he has a partner too but she wasnt in the picture:salute:

Im actualy in saint helens about 20-30 minutes from portland

welcome. looks like the 4.6?

nope 4.0 ... my buddy swares by the ford 4.0 so thats what i went with

hmmm looks like your one of the lucky ones that got the 2" hitch :thumbsup:

hehe and ooooo so happy.... i dont understand why they would put a smaller one and anything but a little car.. but hey lucky me