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My iPad Mini Build Thread


I'll have another...
March 1, 2009
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2006 XLT
*Edit: This kit is now for sale! Click Here to see the post*

Just starting to order parts, including the iPad, so I figured why not start its own build thread since this is something I think alot of people have thought about, but not had the courage to go through with.

This isn't really going to be a "How-To" but I will document and take pictures of damn near everything I do, so it'll be damn close to one.

I wanted to fit a full size iPad (Air) into the radio bezel. Theoretically it would fit, but thats not with the dash kit. The iPad itself is just as wide as the radio bezel, so with the mounting kit, it would be 2" or more too wide. I ultimately decided on an iPad Mini. (2nd generation to be specific). I am not getting a cellular iPad. Wifi only, as I will tether data from my (jailbroken) iPhone. Plus data plans for tablets are outrageous. ($20+ per month for ONE gigabyte!? On average, one Netflix episode is just shy of a GB!) My phone has unlimited data, so we're good there.

Now, the biggest part besides the labor of installing it cleanly, is getting audio to your speakers. I am currently building my audio system up, and have a 4 channel amp, so I don't *need* a head unit. I would just need a standalone EQ. iPad > EQ > 4ch Amp. EQ would control the volume (or use the iPad volume) and the bass/mid/treb, and bal/fade settings. I don't use FM or CD, but I know I would probably miss having the ability to do so, if I did away with a head unit.

There aren't many options, as this dash bezel is pretty full with other stuff (vents, HVAC controls, 4x4 buttons, message center buttons, and whatnot). I saw a picture in the "4th gen pictures" thread, where a guy made a custom mount for his vehicle data computer, which looked similar to a single din headunit, and put it in the void above the radio (That little storage tray thing, that I personally have never used). Perfect idea, but I don't have skills enough to build that housing out of scratch, especially with the dash in the Explorer.

Thats where this comes into play: eBay $9

It will be mounted upside down, and some of that lip trimmed off, and should fit perfectly. I will also try to "mold" it in as well, as I don't want to just screw it down and look like garbage. I will be mounting a single din head unit with bluetooth, rear aux input(s) and a remote control. Not sure which one yet, but probably Alpine/Kenwood or Pioneer. I don't like the cheap ones with the one line displays either.

I will be cutting out the factory double din hole in the bezel, and mounting this iPad dash kit. *Note, this does not just fit, or bolt in! This requires bodyfill, or fiberglassing to mount it and make it look good! I do not care for the "side slide" kits where one side has to be left open for the iPad to slide in/out, and I dont like the newer style side slide kits where its held in by magnets behind the plastic. My subwoofer would most likely rattle the iPad loose, or it would at least rattle in place (Which I heard in one of Soundman's videos). I am going with the spring loaded mount. Basically, the back of the mounting kit is being forced forward by a spring. When you put the iPad in, you push against the kit, slide it a bit sideways to connect it to the lightning adapter (optional) and it gets locked in place by the lips of the kit. No rattling, or open voids in this kit. There will also be felt or some soft material stuck to the back, which is not in the picture.

eBay $95

I just scored a new iPad Mini 2 (16GB, Space Gray, Wi-Fi Only) on eBay for $172, which is what i'll be using. *EDIT! See below :mad:

A big question I had at first (years ago) was, with the kit, how do you access the power/sleep button to turn it on and off when you get in/out of the car? I really didn't want to do that. Easy solution. You jailbreak it, and install a tweak called "Activator" which allows you to set automatic actions for just about any gesture, or whatever. "Connected to power" will be set to unlock the iPad and open up Spotify which is what I use for music. "Disconnect power" will be set to imitate pressing the sleep button, just turning the screen off, and stopping anything that was playing. I will have my power running from a source like the head unit power where it is on with the ignition only, so when I turn the key, the iPad will turn on, and go to Spotify and the radio will command it to start playing where it left off. When the key turns off, the power will be cut, and the iPad will pause, and go to sleep mode.

Heres a video I made on my jailbroken iPhone, of what I want the iPad to do. I have it connected to a USB charger thats turned on and off with a switch, the switch would represent me turning my key on or off.

I also plan on adding a wireless reverse camera (They connect to the iPad through WiFi and function like a normal reverse camera. I will be running a bluetooth OBDII reader as well, to run an app like DashCommand where I can use the iPad to see all kinds of diagnostics information. Im kind of curious how the wifi camera set up would work though, since I will be tethering the wifi connection to my phone. Im not sure that will work. I may go with a flip-screen style headunit, so its still single din, but I have a dedicated screen to view the camera, or even if I wanted to pop in a DVD, or plug a game console, or something in, I have the option. Plus, the screen doesn't have to be extended, and open for the unit to work, so once im done backing up, I can have the screen on the radio retract back in. Just throwing ideas around now.

I will update these first few posts as I go along. Should actually have everything, and start the build in about a week. I may wait on the head unit, and just go iPad to EQ for now, but I will eventually add the head unit in the mix.

*Edit #1 :
Just placed an order on Amazon for more stuff I needed.

Bondo, bondo spreaders, sandpaper, and an Apple Lightning cable, as well as a 2.1a 12v charger. I will just hardwire the charger, so I don't have cables running around. That would kill my OCD.

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So I got the kit, its a good feeling kit. I was a bit skeptical with it being under $100, when the same exact thing from Soundman is $300+ (IIRC) but thats just a branding markup. Hey, if people are willing to pay it, I respect the hustle, lol.

The kit is perfect width to not hang over the edges of the radio bezel, and surprisingly has taken very little trimming to get it to fit. I almost made the mistake of trimming too much to get the kit to fit with the angle of the bezel itself (Which would've made the ipad sit at a stupid viewing angle!) The kit is pretty much going to be straight up, as you'll see in the pictures. I will fill in the top area, and sides to make it look like its one piece, of course. I am going to use the opportunity to add some strength though, towards the top, so its not just relying on the strength of the bondo to hold it in place.

You can also see my new LED rocker switches I installed in these pics. (I will be adding one more saying "4x4" for my "brown wire mod" and then probably a dual-2.1a USB rocker which fits in the switch hole)

Stock, with the top airbag disabled light removed:

The distance from the camera makes the kit look like it goes completely across on each side, it doesnt. Probably 1/2" on either side:

After some minor trimming, you can see I had the kit tilted "up" farther here, than the following pics:

Basically straight up:




I also got the radio relocation "kit" thing in the mail. It fits even better than I thought, plus it has a hole cut out in the back for wires (Which I wont use, theyll go straight down) which perfectly fits around the little black "bubble" sensor where the PATS security light is, and the auto-headlight sensor. I will also be molding this into that top piece, to look seamless.



So I borrowed the GF's iPad to do some test fitting. Gonna be amazing! The screen is so big, even though its only like an inch bigger than my headunit.



My headunit is still in place, and will be up until the final switch:

My iPad is black, so it will look better, the white sticks out too much IMO:



I cannot wait to get this done! My iPad will also be jailbroken, so the bottom dock will have all my "go to" apps like Spotify, Waze, Dash Command, etc. The rectangle cutout below the vents is where the EQ and LED voltmeter will be. I have to find a spot for my 4x4 buttons.

Edit #2 : I just placed my Amazon order for two different wifi OBDII devices, and an OBD2 extension cable due to the placement in our 4th gens. One unit is the highly-reccomended ELM27, which is about 6" long, hence the extenion cable, I can hide it behind the dash. The thing I didn't like about this one is the RPM lag. Most were using the DashCommand app, and the RPM lag was terrible. I also picked up a "iOBD2" which is a very tiny unit, but the RPM lag was very minimal. We'll see which ones better, and return the other. They'll be here Friday.

I am off Sat/Sun/Mon so hopefully I can get this all buckled up this weekend.

I used alot of thin cardboard and electrical tape to "guide" the bondo to the right shape, as well as prevent me from needing like 3" worth at the top, its probably about 3/4" to an inch thick, give or take. Still alot, but whatever.

Forgive the terrible application, im still building my Bondo skills lol

Lightning connector epoxied in. Had to put the cord at a pretty sharp angle to get it to fit without sticking out, but the cord itself is completely secured, so it won't be moving

First layer over that side

Top had its second layer as well

Just needed alot of sanding!



Coming along nicely

So thats where she sits now, as of 10:30pm on May 30th. I applied some more of the glaze spot filler stuff, there were a few small holes or low spots. Hopefully going to shoot it tomorrow with the first coat or two of high fill primer. Really wanted to have it ready for paint tomorrow, but thats gonna be another day or two at least.

BTW: If you can see the open gap at the bottom of the iPad kit, I am leaving that open for airflow. You will not be able to see it once installed, its low enough that you'd have to be squatting outside the door looking at it. I might throw a strip of LEDs under it or something, we'll see.

Thursday 6/2/16:

I've had it in my Explorer now for two days, my god its awesome having a big screen running iOS at my fingertips, in the dash. So I brought it back in today to hopefully finish and get ready for paint.

The top has a curve to it that I was trying to match, and I just had too many low/high spots to sand and make it look good, so I did another layer with the bondo spreader like perfectly across the top from edge to edge to try to keep it as even as possible.

I did a few coats of primer (I still had to sand the bottom edges where the kit meets the bezel, but wanted to focus on the top and sides to see where my imperfections were.


I stuffed the inside of the kit with paper to keep the paint out, and put the lightning cable in a ziplock bag.

Did some more bondo on the edges too

You can see where the new layer of bondo was thin, and where you cant even see through it where it was too low

I just finished (what I hope is the last of the bondo sanding) and shot another coat of primer on it, and it seems to be pretty damn even now, its not perfect, but its perfect enough for me.

I also rounded off those top edges quite a bit. They looked nice with the way I kept the bondo line, but it fits the interior design way better and doesnt stand out so much with them being rounded off a bit.

So with this new Forum update, I can't post more than 10 images per post, and I only saved one more post below this one which ill keep for final pictures. I was going to paint it with the "Dupli Color Hammered" texture spray paint, which is supposed to closely mimic that orange peel type texture that you see in most interiors. This would hide any small imperfections, as well as kind of "soften" the whole build so its not like BAM in your face, if that makes sense. I went to 5 different stores, none of which have that paint anymore, and I didn't want to order it online and pay twice what it retails for. I decided on the Truck Bed coating paint, and so far its coming out pretty damn nice. Worst case, I can just sand it down again and order that hammered stuff.

Mounted the EQ with some of that JB Weld putty, the clay kind or whatever


Had to cut this top piece of plastic off for my switch gang to fit (Yeah, all that nasty spilled crap is from previous owners -_-)



Im in love with this thing. It fit so good, and I was getting nervous about the bedliner, but it looks so damn good. I am doing the cupholder bezel in the bedliner as well, so it will flow all the way down to the console. Im thinking about doing the upper valance piece as well, that little storage area on top of the dash. Gonna see how it looks with the first two done though.

I haven't gotten anything done or wired up yet, I needed to get the yard cut before work, its gonna be raining for the next couple days it looks like.

iPad should be here right before I leave for work, so I can bring it with me to work and get it ready to go with all the jailbreak goodies I have to set up.

I also think im going to have to get some 90 degree angle RCA adapters, because the HVAC vent tubing comes up right behind it. I was honestly surprised it fit, once I saw it before I put the bezel on, I was like oh no, come on not this!

I think the bedliner will look even better, or I should say fit my Explorer better once I lift it and all that, since im sure some of my exterior will end up being bedlined, lol



I am done! Well, technically. Tomorrow I will install the IR extender when it gets here. More info below, but PICS!



I am so happy with this. Only issue im having is the OBD2 scanner connects via WiFi, so I can either see the vehicle diagnostics or connect to my phones internet connection and use anything else. (My music is all downloaded, so I only need internet to either stream playlists, radio, iHeartRadio, Waze and GasBuddy).

The headunit came with a nice remote, which I obviously can't use unless the glovebox is open, but thats just dumb, so I ordered an IR extender. I will mount the little "eye" in that gap between the iPad and the vents, so it will be invisible, and then the other end obviously will mount in the glovebox to hit the radios front panel.

The remote will allow me to control volume, skip tracks, mute, etc, while I have all my EQ adjustments at hand on the dash. Bass/Mid/Treb as well as subwoofer controls.

As you can also see, I took the opportunity to install my new Flex shift knob, as well as my new shifter surround (The black part with the clear "PRND321") and I also installed a white LED strip in place of the dim little incandescent bulb, and removed the faded green strip.

I also got my other two switches in, on the left is the 4x4/2x4 which will control my brown wire mod, to disable the automatic 4WD, and then the opposite side is a dual USB charger, with two 2.1a USB ports to charge anything.

The bottom text on the switches light up blue like the EQ and voltmeter, and then when they are turned on, the top also lights up to let you know its on. They are actually pretty nice for $7 a piece switches!

Next feat I have to conquer is to wire them up, but I don't have all the lights they're controlling so ill only have the outside two done, lol.

So I "installed" the IR sensor today. Works perfectly! I didn't fully install it yet as I plan on moving it, because the unit itself is wired ass-backwards in my opinion. The little box that has the sensor on a cord, and the power wires is the end that receives the input from the remote. The end with the 3.5mm headphone jack and 17' of wire is what sits in front of the radio.

I think it should be the other way around because you need power to the unit which you could tap into the headunit wire harness to get and then put the little 2' long IR sensor in front of the radio, and then use the 17' cable to mount the IR receiver wherever you need it.

So for now, I just wanted to get it in and working, I have the box mounted behind the 12v outlet in the center console to tap into that for power, and then the IR receiver pops up in the crack between the cup holder bezel and the radio bezel. The IR blaster end obv goes to the glovebox and that's all. When I wire up my switches, I will re install the box where the stock radio would be, and then mount the IR receiver in the gap under the iPad kit and above the vents so it'll be impossible to see.

I'll do that when I take the bezel back out to wire up my switches and USB charging ports.


I am intrigued. Saw some people do this with Subarus (my former project vehicle)

Its been done quite a few times, I even attempted before on my 2000, but I didnt have the nice (expensive) kit to actually mold into the dash. I used a snap-on style case that the iPad was going to snap into, but once everything cured, it deformed the case just enough to where the iPad wouldn't stay in it, so I gave up on the project. I had even already relocated the headunit down to the center console where its message center was.

I wanted an Android tablet to use the Torque app with an OBDII bluetooth module, but I am just not a fan of Android and its issues, so I opted for an iPad, plus it will just sync in with all my other Apple gear. (Tether automatically from my iPhone, when I get home, I can wirelessly sync it, my Apple account with all my iCloud stuff, etc)

I don't plan on taking it out every time I leave my Explorer, only if we're expecting extreme temps.

(Updates above!)

So, a nice little setback today. Got the iPad in the mail, after the seller finally decided to actually ship it. (They marked it as shipped on eBay, and printed a shipping label which made a tracking number, but didn't actually take it to USPS for 3 more days) I got it, screen was flawless as stated in the ad, but there was a nice dent in the top right corner. No biggie, I got a pretty nice deal on it, and the corner wouldn't be visible anyways.

Im playing with it at work, and I thought to myself, "Damn, the small text on this looks pretty pixelated..."

I picked up a 2 for my girlfriend this past Christmas, and the Retina display is very nice and crisp. So i'm like okay, just thinking too much into it, again, most of the text I was complaining about wouldn't be on the screen 99% of the time. But I overthink alot, and was laying in bed thinking about it, and decided to google the different ways to tell each model apart. Well, the iPad 2 has a model number on the back listed as A1839 or something (Thats a random number, but its like that). Mine has A1432 on it. I scroll down past the "Mini 2" on Apple's website, and sure as ****, the 1 is listed as A1432 or whatever mine is. :mad: Plus, my girlfriends came with a larger power brick, something like twice the size of the normal iPhone little square plug. Mine had a normal 1a iPhone sized charger in the box, which is what it came with.

So I hopped out of bed, and had to start a case on eBay because the seller listed it as no returns. Not worried about it, eBay is always in favor of the buyer. (Which is unfortunate sometimes for the seller, but not in my case). I wouldn't be mad, however I paid way more than what an iPad Mini 1 is worth.

So I was going to order a new one while I wait for the refund and approval to return mine, but I didn't want to wait, luckily WalFart is having a decent sale, so for about $40 bucks more, ill have an actual iPad TWO, and it'll be brand new.

Im not really upset with the seller, as they were probably told it was an iPad 2 or something, and it was just an honest mistake, but they'll have to suck up the loss and relist it.

TWO setbacks, actually. The iPad is on iOS 9.3.1, the latest update. Awesomely enough, said version is NOT jailbroken yet. So my whole custom layout, "Activator" app and other things are now not going to work. Biggest thing im mad is that I wont be able to turn it on and off with the key being on/off like I planned. I can easily hit the home button to turn the screen on, then swipe to unlock, but thats just taking a huge hit in the cool-factor of having it turn on, unlock itself, and open Spotify :(

Maybe, by some odd chance, the iPad's Walmart has in stock are still on 9.3 which I believe is jailbreakable, or a previous version even, since this last update was pretty recent I believe. Fingers crossed!

We have very similar visions. Im installing a Nexus 7 at the moment. Ive been holding back on a thread because Im doing it in stages on my YouTube channel.

I previously had this installed in my Subaru Legacy GT...and finished that project about a week before I sold the car haha. This one went much faster and is 10x better.

I almost purchased a radio pod like you did, but I ended up making mine.



Good luck with the project!


We have very similar visions. Im installing a Nexus 7 at the moment. Ive been holding back on a thread because Im doing it in stages on my YouTube channel.
I previously had this installed in my Subaru Legacy GT...and finished that project about a week before I sold the car haha. This one went much faster and is 10x better.
I almost purchased a radio pod like you did, but I ended up making mine.

Good luck with the project!

Nice work! That's awesome you made your own radio housing. I don't have the time or patience for all that, lol.

I apologize in advance if this is messed up, I'm using talk to text. So I went to Walmart today and picked up an iPad mini two it was on sale for 229 which wasn't a bad price but definitely a big chunk more than I paid for the other one. Of course the seller has a responded yet but I did luckily use Bill me later on PayPal so they haven't even taken the funds out of my account for that yet and worst case I can dispute on PayPal too.

When I open the iPad I bought from Walmart and went to the settings and check the iOS version I was pretty freaking excited when I seen it was on 9.2 to my knowledge 9.2 and 9.3 were jailbreakable. But after I got to work and looked into it some more I found out that 9.2 was not nor was 9.3 so that was a bummer hopefully they released one for 9.2 or quickly for any of the newer update I kind of have a feeling though they are going to touch it until I OS 10 comes out with the iPhone 7.

Anyways I got some more bundle done I've been doing a little bit at a time that way the layers werent extremely thick. I don't think I was using enough hardener though because after a day some of it still doesn't feel like it's completely rock solid. Firm but not rock solid. I'll do the final layer with a ton of hardener I guess.

I sill haven't picked up a radio, as I'm not sure which route I want to go as far as single din, or single din flip out. I need to get that bezel molded onto that top piece and that'll help out a lot. I want my radio to sit a lot further forward though, quite a bit further out than JeepGuys. Mine will look better pulled out though because my radio bezel will be flat on the top from the iPad kit sticking out.

Bidding on iPad #3 ...

I am really pissed off that 9.2 is not jailbroken, and do not want to wait until iOS 10 comes out (And realistically probably months after that even releases...) to be able to have this go how I want.

Currently watching an iPad Mini 3 (Which is 64GB so theres a bonus as well, vs my 16GB) but its running iOS 8.?.? and IS jailbroken.

Paying a premium...but worth it to be able to have the damn thing turn on and off and do what I want with it. Oh well, i'll return #2 and have $240 back. The 3 bid is at $270, I really hope it doesnt get much higher though. Shipping is $13.

Also- played with both the iOBD2 Mini, and ELM27 wireless OBD2 units, the Mini uses bluetooth which is perfectly compatible with my iPad, and the ELM27 uses WiFi. Both work the exact same, so I think im going to keep the Mini, since its basically invisible once plugged in, and won't interfere with my wifi internet/tethering.

Today I got the cable expoxied in place, and what I hope is the last of the bondo. Did a lot of sanding as well, waiting on this last batch to dry and gonna hopefully get most of the sanding done tonight, if not tomorrow morning.

Wow nice project Brian. Can't wait to see it finished. I've been toying with the idea of doing something with my radio/center console so its fun to see yours.

Good luck!

Thanks man! It's coming along very nicely, this is really my first true time using Bondo. I attempted an iPad install years ago, but nothing like this, and the Bondo was so thrown together, never ended up finishing it.

I just spent probably a good 30 minutes sanding, and laid on another layer just to fill in the low spots, so it should dry fairly quickly and I can get back to it. I really at least want to have it ready for paint by tonight.

I'll upload some progress pictures later.

BTW- I didn't win that iPad Mini 3 I was bidding on. I found it when it had about 2hrs left, it was at $270. I was ready to pay up to $350, but in the last 25 seconds it jumped from $275 to almost $400.

I'm still on the hunt for a jailbroken one, OR one that's on an iOS that's able to be jailbroken. (Basically 8.0 all the way to 9.1)

Oh yeah, anything directly from Apple is completely updated. I mean theres a possibility of getting one right around a new software update that you'll get one on the previous OS, but im needing one thats like 4 updates behind now, lol.

So for now, ill just have to deal with mine. Theres a white one on eBay right now, but still has 3 days, so ill keep an eye on that one, but I really didn't want white. Oh well.

Anyways, back to the installation, i'm a bit stuck deciding how I am going to paint it. (I should say, with what paint, and what primer)

Im 99.9% sure I want a black bezel, but i'm wondering what glossy paint everyone has used with good results? When painting bondo, is there any special primer I should use? Any other tips aside from sanding, primer, more sanding and then painting? I assume ill do some wet sanding in there as well, to achieve the gloss I want. I will also be doing the cupholder bezel the same color, to keep the whole center matching.

Id love to wrap it like it used to be, in the carbon fiber from the factory, but theres no way id get it to even look decent with all the creases, bends and holes in this bezel.

Updated with more pics!

Man, my hands are drier than sandpaper right now! Ive had 3 days off hoping to let my body relax from working 11-12hrs a day 6-7 days a week, but nope! Lol, its worth it though. Can't wait to get this done! Im still undecided on a radio though! As of now its just gonna be iPad and EQ, but the EQ isnt bluetooth. Cant fit a 3.5mm cord in the mounting kit, so it may take a minute to install it once I get it done, so I can figure out the radio situation.

Dont know what the heck happened to the quality of this video, but I made a quick clip using my iPhone to show what exactly the iPad would do, once jailbroken. The noise in the background is the small fan I had going, which is nearly silent to the naked ear, this mic sucks!


Everytime I get one step ahead I feel like I take a leap back.

My only hope right now is to find a headunit that would accept the audio from the iPad through USB.

Here's my issue:

I test-fitted everything today. I threw the bezel in place on my way to work, so I got to mess with it. It's friggin awesome. Nice and big, iOS at my fingertips, HD screen, etc.

Here's where my problem lies. I planned on using the iPad via Bluetooth, through whatever headunit I decided to install. (I was even toying around the idea of finding a headunit I could just throw in the glovebox and mount an external IR sensor for the remote)

Music- perfectly fine. Video...Bluetooth LAG . Was streaming Nerflix on my break at work and there's a nice 1-2 second delay with the audio vs what's happening on the video. It drives me nuts.

So, why not just get a DAC or something, right? No. My lightning cable is expoxied in, and the Bondo is applied over the void. Other option is the iSimple IS7505 which on one end has a set of male RCAs, a pos and neg and the other end a lightning connector. (Takes the audio from the lightning and charges as well) only about $50. Not bad. But again, I would have to completely destroy this thing to get a different lightning cable in there.

Only plus side is that I remembered about the assistive touch for the iOS which allows me to turn the screen off (lock it) by a few taps on the screen. So that issue is solved.

I'm half tempted to sell the whole setup as-is right now and start over.

So I won an eBay auction for a jailbroken iPad, FINALLY lol. He bought it new, opened the box, jailbroke it and repackaged it up. (You can make a little money jailbreaking them, alot of people don't know how, and don't want to learn, and are willing to pay good money) however, I got it for just over what I paid for my other one brand new, so its no hit to me. Ill return that one.

Only con, is its white. Oh well, maybe ill do some white accents on the dash piece, idk.

Im still half tempted to just finish this one up, paint it like a flat, or semi gloss black to match OEM black, and sell it, and start a new one. I would definitely go with an iPad Air, I have plenty of room on the dash itself, the kit would just hang over on either side like an inch.

*I just posted a thread in the For Sale section to see if anyone would be interested in taking this project over. If so, I would move right on to installing an iPad Air 2 into a new dash bezel. Im not really looking to make any money off this, just would be interested in a straight trade for the new dash bezel, and the iPad Air 2 SLE kit. (Probably $140-$150 total) and would love to sell the iPad Mini 2 with it as well, for what I paid $280. If you are interested, please communicate with it in that thread to keep this one clean.

For Sale - iPad Mini Dash Kit for 4th Gens (90% done)

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After bringing it back inside, I decided to finish it. Still would entertain the idea of selling it to start over and go with the iPad Air, but for now, ill be extremely happy with the Mini 2.

Pics/info updated in the first posts!