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my lifted 91 xlt

The truck has 156k miles on the body, 50k on the motor and 10k on the transmission. It has SOA, with 4 inch rough country lift up front, stainless brake line, 40 series flow, ovesized radiator, Trans cooler, shift kit, custom grill, custom front bumper with lights, warn manual hubs, 4.10 gears front and rear, 33" BFG A/T on american racing 15" wheels, de carpeted interior, cobra cb, quick disconnect sway bar up front and no sway bars in back. Now heres some pics









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...Nice lifted X...:biggthump

Auto, i dont remember what shift kit it was. It was a stage 1 kit though. nice firm shifts

yeah i think i tracked my problem down. i think cyl 5 injector is stuck open causing it to run rough and thats why at like 3800rpm it hits like a powerban and runs smooth and why that plug was brown and all the other ones were white. does that make any sense?

What? Was that meant for this thread?

Thanks for the input on the shift kit, sounds interesting.

Yeah its like a whole different trans now. I can shift it with the shifter to firm shifts and no slipping even with me 33's

nice lifted x u got there keep up good work

Got some articulation shots up for everyone.

nice truck man! do you have anything else up front besides the rough country 4 inch lift thats making it sit higher in the air?

Nice X! Where have you been?!?! I've only seen 1 other lifted X in town and it's grey! Lets wheel some time!