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My Mercury Mountaineer Build

It all started in 1997 when my dads friend brought over his brand new white 1997 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 and I was hooked. I mean I always loved the Explorer, I guess it started as a little kid watching Jurassic Park, but once the 2nd gen came out I always wanted one. My mom refused to part ways with her Toyota Previa Minivan and of course it never died so getting an Explorer as a replacement wasn't an option.

I've had over 15 cars (Mostly Mustangs) but finally I decided I needed to find me an Explorer!! Spent weeks looking for a 1999-2001 Eddie Bauer 5.0 but there wasn't one in my price range, I stumbled across a few XLTs but they were a disaster.

I then decided to widen my search and look at Mountaineers and thats when I found this baby.

2000 Mountaineer AWD 5.0 White and Grey, It wasn't a fully loaded one (which is what I wanted) but mechanically she was great, it was stupid to turn this thing down, plus I figured if it was less equipped then I would have less things to worry about breaking.

When I picked her up she only had 115,x.. miles, only flaw was some damage over the rear wheel well.

He was asking $3000 and I got him to down to $2400. Anyways here are some pics..











Things that need to be replaced/fixed:
Driver side door lock is broken
Passenger Side door lock is broken
Need to buy keyless entry remote
Airbag light comes on from time to time
Washer fluid leaks out when you fill it up
Digital Compass/Temp Gauge on headliner is out
Need a new spare tire wire and spare tire

And a MASSIVE detail session!! My specialty :)

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I took the door panels off to investigate what was wrong with my locks and it turns out to be a broken clip (pictured below) I went to autozone got a new clip, popped it in and it was good as new!




I also looked in to the passenger side lock to see why it was only unlocking but not locking and it turns out the mount for the actuator was knocked off

Drivers side actuator mount

Broken passenger side actuator mount:

Since Mounties didn't come with fender flares (and I wasn't a fan of how mine looked) I decided to take them off. BOY was it dirty under, I decided to run it through the local car wash to get all the dirt off. Ill have to clay bar and buff the glue marks out from the flares.



Looks good so far. Do you have any mods planed?

Looks good so far. Do you have any mods planed?

Well after all the little things are fixed and she all detailed up first mods will most likely be:

Speakers/head unit upgrade
HID headlights and Fogs
Exhaust and intake

I would love to change the wheels up but I haven't found anything I like yet..

Nice score, keep at it and keep us posted, I love white over grey mines black over grey and i have thought about making it white,