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My new bike!


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August 10, 2000
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Newport News, VA
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'95 Ranger
Went and picked it up this morning. It's a '08 883 Sportster. I've already put 150 miles on it bringing it home (got a better deal than the local dealers would do). It was a bit cold for a ride today, but I've mostly thawed out by now.


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Nice ride man! I know the feeling - I was determined to go riding the other evening and finally got on the road at dark when the temp was 33 deg. Didn't ride long, just enough to make the fingers numb :)

nice bike u got there

Cool little bike. :thumbsup: What made you get the 883?

The voices in my head told me to!! :confused:

Actually, it was a few things. I love the looks of this bike, it fits my riding style, the insurance is acceptable ($230/year for full coverage) and the price was competitive with other bikes I considered. A 1200 would have been at least $2000 more than the 883, and I was not willing to drop that much on a bike right now. So, it was a number of things that affected my decision.

How much do those bikes cost? I'm thinking of moving from the crotch rocket scene to a nice cruiser-sportster bike. I like the Suzuki Boulavard and the Harley that was co-developed with Porsche.