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MY New Ford Explorer Project


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March 22, 2011
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'00 XLT
Hey guys first post on this forum. Just bought a '00 Explorer XLT for $5,000 with 100,087 miles on it.. I have big plans for this i plan to completely murder it out. I do have questions hopefully i dont piss anyone off i'm new to the suv scene just switched my accord wanted to get into the big boy status.



My first question, when it comes to blacking out the tailights, which is the best way to do it, i see the vinyl sold on ebay but I dont want to do it cheapely. Which would be the best way to do it to last a long time?:cool:

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Also i'm up for any suggestions and/or recommendations :)

Welcome! Asking questions won't piss us off... usually >:^D
I'm not big on the street scene, but do a search on "smoked taillights". = think there's a spray guys are using to get em dark and looking good. I believe it involves taking the taillight housing apart.

VHT Nightshade can be found at any major vehicle accessory store (O'Reilly's, AutoZone, Pep Boys).

Tape off your reverse lights, and throw whatever other design you want in there, and spray away with light coats until you achieve desired darkness. (I've notice that Nightshade sometimes dries darker than it appears when wet (but doesn't every paint do that?))

And no it does not involve taking apart your tail lights, Not sure where Lacky01 was going with that but if you sprayed the inside of the tail light that would defeat the purpose of doing it, it would only make your lights dimmer while the tail lights is still red/yellow on the out side.

Just remember to tape off your reverse lights, or backing up in the dark would be nearly impossible, believe me, i know, my tails are ALL black even though I had tape ready to tape off the Rev. lights I was to trigger happy with the stuff.

Not sure why I made thins such a big post, but I help this all helps in one way or another.. XD
Good luck.

Truck looks good.
Remind me of my 99 when it was stock.

nice ride, go crazy with it

try looking for altezza style taillight from spider or sonar. I know i've seen them at