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MY new front bumper.


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February 21, 2007
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Longview, WA
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1997 Ranger
Its not all the way done yet. I need to still place stuff in and make the winch plate. And im gonna weld it to the frame when i build the winch plate. The bumper flexes to much right now welded to the stock bumper mounts. I want to be able to use my HiLift to jack it up from the bumper.

And with out the lights.

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Hi there... Your tires are pointing inward. Is that the camber issue that's been mentioned here recently?

I had just lifted it up with a jack and havnt moved the truck so it leveled out yet, lol. But that is one problem with them, unless it is allined(sp?)

I like it.

What did you build it out of thickness wise

My hat's off to you! I don't know exactly what the terminology is, but if you can do that much work on a vehicle, keep going! It looks great! (My questions are not criticisms, I'm just now learning about vehicles).