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My new mod


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October 5, 2007
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Branchburg NJ, Bethlehem PA
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96 XLT

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Great deal, I bet you cant wait to get it :-)

Yea I figure I saved a lot with the free shipping too. The guy just emailed me with all the tracking and it should be here on Wednesday, which means If I can get mine off, it will be on wednesday. :D

andy r u going to post a sound clip or a video of u driving it with the new exhaust

Hmmm I have a video camera so I will take some videos of the before and after but I don't think I have a fire wire to connect it. I will see if I can borrow somebodys firewire or a camera that takes video. :thumbsup:

Alright well the seller had a slight mishap with UPS so it took an extra 2 days to get my system but it finally got here and is already on. Installation was a breeze, took about 25 minutes by myself. However taking the old exhaust off took about 2 and a half hours. I tried to conserve it but ended up having to cut part of it to get it out. Anyway, here are some pictures of the new system and it pictured next to the old one which doesn't look to good. This new one looks much less restricting and will hopefully give me a boost.:D






Can't complain for $100 shipped to my door

Nice, I bet the explorer picks up a lot smoother than before & much nicer exhaust tone.